Hobby, indulgence or craze?

I was bitten… and bitten hard! :mrgreen:

Though Darrius do not have any difficulties during feeding times (except when he has ulcers) or refused food in any way but this crazy mama is jumping into the Bento bandwagon too as she can’t resist getting all the cute stuff! :mrgreen: Actually Darrius do not know how to appreciate nice stuff yet but I’m still going ahead with this CRAZE!

Those monies sitting in PayPal is sure bitting my butts hard coz I can’t seems to refrain myself from shopping online! And since I get the hang on bidding stuff over at ebay… it was actually so much fun… except for the hefty shipping charges lar…. 😐 Also, after reading about Bento-ing from some of the mommies here, I felt that I just can’t wait any longer. How I wish I have a little girl so I can get those cute Hello Kitty bento stuff!

And here is my very first Bento…


Top: Egg mayo sandwiches, cherry tomatoes  Bottom: Raisins, Happy Cow Cheese cubes and Fuji apple chunks


And here are my latest damage…



There are still quite a lot of tools which I intend to get but will do it slowly when I have the time to sit in front of the PC to bid over at ebay.  There are just too many nice stuff listed there to temp me! 😆

Got to work harder to earn more $$$ to sustain this craze! :mrgreen: