Bento Fun #13

I bought a big piece of pumpkin and wanted to steam for Darrius to go with his rice and suddenly thought that I might as well try out my new onigiri molds which I bought from Jusco Bukit Tinggi. It has 4 different shapes; heart, triangle, star and cherry blossom. I mixed the steamed pumpkin with the rice without any seasoning (to save gas I actually placed the pumpkin in the rice cooker when it is about to cook). Incidentally, Darrius was watching his Sesame Street VCD on shapes and color… timing just nice!

Top: Pan fried Grouper in soy sauce sprinkled with nori flakes, Fish shaped boiled egg and some cherry tomato halves
Bottom: Pumpkin Onigiri in different shapes with blanched broccoli and cherry tomato halves sitting on a bed of Lettuce


Darrius enjoyed this Bento though he kept telling me the eyes and mouth on the Onigiri looked like Awujiak (ghost)…. hehehehe


Bento Fun #12

Darrius woke up at 6.45am on Wednesday, therefore he goes hungry before 10am! He kept bugging me for food even though he has his 8oz of milk and 8oz of Milo! o_O No choice lor… I have to quickly fix him something to eat as I don’t intend to cook lunch that early. With my balance half loaf of bread, I made these for him…

From top left: Cherry tomatoes with mini flower shaped cheese sandwiches, Star shaped green apple slices, Dried Cranberries and Mickey shaped cheese sandwiches.

Bento Fun #11

Initially I was lazy to cook since PiggyBeng is not at home. No point cooking if just for myself and Darrius… for one meal. Then I remembered I bought a loaf of bread the day before so might as well finish it while it is still fresh.

Then I opened up my new cutters which I bought last year meant for making cookies…. Also finally got a chance to use my Lock-Lock box bought last year which I was keeping for Darrius to use when we eat out since his old bowl with a suction cup already gone k-o.


Car shaped Cheese Sandwiches and Car shaped boiled egg sitting on a bed of Butterhead and sliced carrot with a stick of celery, cherry tomatoes and broccoli florets, Aeroplane Cheese shaped sandwich sitting on a bed of stir-fry pork strips served together with a small Fernleaf Strawberry flavored yogurt


This is only for make-explore as I have some edible color markers to play with. Too bad the desired results did not turn out but at least I have a cute Bento here! 😆


p/s: Darrius is more keen in the yogurt than the Bento this round!

More damage!

The heat is on and the damage is deep!!!!

My order from local an on-line store has finally arrived… after waiting for more than 1.5 months. Why so long you may ask… well, I ordered quite a numbers of pre-order stuff so I told the store owner to send to me when she has all the stuff. Too bad, one of the items refused to come and thus we waited for so long. Finally I have to cancel that and replaced with another item.

And here are my latest indulgence….

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Bento Fun #10

This is a vegetarian Bento! Actually, we had pork ribs meal so not suitable for Darrius that was why I decided to fix him a Bento. He was more than happy but he did not finish all the spaghetti and the mash potato. 😦 I will use elbow pasta or those animal pasta next time.

Top: Stir-fry green and yellow zucchini with onions, Home made Mash potato with gravy
Bottom: Wholemeal spaghetti in Mayonnaise, blanched broccoli and floral carrot slices