Bento Fun #34

Finally my Bento post is current! I just remembered that one of the Bento sites which I’ve been following is having a ‘Back to School Bento’ contest. As there were just too many happening this month, I hardly have time to think about the contest earlier. Since I have some time to prepare a bento for Darrius this morning before we go out, I decided to go with the contest theme. Hopefully I’ll win…. :mrgreen:

As Darrius will be going to school (fingers crossed) early next year, thus I have been spending time learning all the Bento packing. This is also another way to let him learn how to eat by himself as I normally leave him alone to finish up his Bento. I am proud to say he is quite good in finishing all the Bento I’ve prepared for him thus far and I can be sure he will eat his Bento when he is in school.


Top: Fried rice in egg omelet topped with ABC carrot, steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes on a bed of lettuce
Bottom: Sliced fresh orange with 2 cheese cubes, green tea mochi and tomato ketchup in sauce container


I call this a ‘ABC Bento‘ as Darrius is crazy about ABC. For a 2.5 years old kid, he can recite his ABC very well and he just love to sing the ABC song. He loves the cheese cubes that I’ve packed here and of course the green tea mochi. However, he needs a little coaxing to finish up the orange slices though…


Bento Fun #33

Last week I did not cook that often since PiggyBeng was away. Beside eating out I also bought some ‘take-away’. One of the meal we had was KFC. Can’t resist the current Spice Crunch promotion (which caused me to fall sick earlier).

I was shopping in Tesco and thought I’ll just pack some KFC home and slowly enjoy. So I bought the 3-piece chicken and the store manager was kind enough to let me have 2 Spicy Crunch and 1 Origional Recipe which Darrius can eat.

To make it more appealing, I put it in the Bento box and add some ‘side’ dishes for him. Well, ended up Darrius finished the cheese cubes and the mochi but refused to eat the cucumber sticks. As for the KFC chicken, he only ate half of it.


KFC chicken drumstick with cucumber sticks, cheese cubes, salad dressing and redbean mochi

Bento Fun #32

One thing I like about Penang is, it has afternoon wet markets here which is uncommon in KL. There is one just behind our house about 10 minutes walk away. Though PiggyBeng felt that they are more expensive, I think the convenience is justifiable. PiggyBeng rather drives all the way to the one in Cecil Street or commonly known as 7th Street market.

I was there on Tuesday and I found one of the bean sprout sellers was selling the cartoon fishcakes. This is the first time I saw those so I bought a few to try. Don’t ask me how they taste ok coz I only cook for Darrius… 😛


Top: Orange cubes and pork balls with nori flakes
Bottom: Cartoon fishcake on rice with furikake and Cheese chicken cocktails and cherry tomatoes


Darrius finished all except some rice and some of the meatballs. I did asked him about the new fishcake and he said it tasted nice… can trust him hor? :mrgreen:

Bento Fun #31

Knowing that Darrius misses his regular Bento meals especially the ones with Soy Sauce Chicken, I decided to do one just for him the other day. This time I experiment with fry quail eggs in capsicums rings.

I sprinkled some nori flakes on the rice but the static from the plastic bento box made it looked a little untidy… oh well! We learn from trials and errors mah!


Top: Fried quail eggs in cupsicum rings on a bed of rice sprinkled with nori flakes and a piece of Kelsey Plum
Bottom: Pan fried soy sauce chicken drumstick on blached sweet peas and a cupsicum flower


Darrius’s eyes sparkled when he sees the chicken drumsticks! I know he missed having it since I stopped cooking this dish when he fell sick. Ended up he did not like the quail eggs in capsicum rings. He only took one. Unlike the hard boiled quail eggs I made earlier which he goggled down in no time.

Bento Fun #30

PiggyBeng has stopped taking bread as he felt bread made him fat… bah! I don’t understand why they stopped selling the half loaf of bread here. I used to buy the half loaf when I was in Singapore but it is not popular in Malaysia. I always have difficulties finishing the entire loaf of Gardenia bread within a few days.. even with Darrius’s help.

Once the unfinished bread goes into the fridge, they are no longer soft so I will have to steam them or make french toast with them. So, here is another snack Bento I put up for Darrius…


Star and moon shaped red Pitaya with Pooh Bear shaped French toasts glazed with honey


Darrius love French toasts and he has no problem finishing that few slices. He even asked for more but that was all I left for him. I ate my share earlier…. 😛