Bento Fun #45

This is my last Bento post till I return to Penang on Sunday as I did not bring along any of my Bento gadgets with me to KL (though I have some when Christene, Chooi Peng and Min) passed me some stuff that I ordered earlier… too lazy to do since it is not my own kitchen! 😛

Last Thursday I had a cupcake project so did not cook anything fancy. I cooked instant noodles so thought I’ll just share with Darrius. Instead of flavoring it with the pre-packed sauces that came with the noodles, I flavored Darrius’s noodles with dark soy sauce and light soy sauce mixed with a little olive oil and Furikake.

Gave him some organic cherry tomatoes which I picked up from Jusco which tasted like strawberries…. damn nice! I blanched some broccoli, carrot and snap peas for him too since I don’t have much time to prepare anything extra.



I have so wanted to do a Halloween Bento but I just don’t have the time since I need to pack and do lots of other stuff…. *sigh* Next year perhaps? :mrgreen:


Bento Fun #44

This was last Saturday Bento. As we will be meeting this photographer mommy who came with her family to Penang, I did not do any cooking that day since we decided to meet for beach outing followed with dinner.

After lunch, Darrius came to me and asked for a Bento and since there’s nothing much available so I asked him if he’s ok that I give him bread instead. He said ok and I asked him what type he wanted? He said he wanted butterflies and here they are…



A box full of butterflies or bugs! Gave me a chance to play with some of my butterfly cutters that I bought months ago. I gave him bread with cheese for the butterflies, flowers and a ladybird which I colored with food writers. Then I rolled the balanced bread into ‘snails’ and poke with picks and some flower carrot. Nothing fancy…

Hope all of you have fun bento-ing away~ 🙂

Bento Fun #43

Lets go back to something more cheerful.

Last Friday we went out for dinner with MIL at the place where we frequent with my FIL. FIL was not free to join us. This place usually starts their business around 7pm so if we arrive early, we have to wait for quite sometime before our food arrive. Though they do serve some dim-sum but most are the left over from their morning session… which usually looked so dry and so unappetizing!

Knowing Darrius will get restless waiting, I prepared a snack Bento for him to keep him occupied. And I was so right to have done this as our food did not arrive till 7.30pm! If my  memory did not failed me, it was one of the longest wait we have had so far… we don’t normally go there if FIL not joining us but out of the blue PiggyBeng missed the food there wor! (>0<)



I packed some Pooh Bear shaped cheese sandwiches together with sesame seed crackers, cherry tomatoes and dried blueberries. And for a little treat, I packed along a bottle of grape flavored Vitagen. (Vitagen has increased their price again!)

Bento Fun #42

This was Thursday’s Bento. I fried some ‘beehoon’ (rice vermicelli) for dinner and boiled some red bean soup to go with the fried beehoon. Actually it was supposed to be a snack but what the hack! Lazy to think of new recipes! :mrgreen: Afterall PiggyBeng was not hungry as he has ‘Muhibbah’ session in the office where they have some makan-makan.

And with all the new gadgets I have, even a boring fried beehoon can be appetizing looking… right? 😛 Can’t wait for more new gadgets to reach me…. (yeah, I’ve been shopping again!)

Darrius loves prawns so I gave him quite a bit there poking two of them using the cute little picks. As it is the Thai mangoes season, PiggyBeng bought some King mangoes so I cut a few slices into small cubes for Darrius.



Bento Fun #41

I actually have cupcakes project on Tuesday so I was lazy to cook but I am really lost for ideas what to feed Darrius. Nevertheless, I still managed to cook a pot of corn soup with the left over corns bought by PiggyBeng over the weekend. Then I remembered that I still have some meat balls left in the freezer so decided to clear them. I just need to cook so rice.

Half way through, my kay-pohness kicks in. Was thinking that, since I have some new Bento gadgets which I bought from here, I might as well whip up a ‘simple’ Bento for Darrius and from there the idea starts to flow and ended up I have a great Bento here! 😆


Top: Korean Campbell grapes and Blueberries muffin topped with dried blueberries
Bottom: Meat balls, cherry tomatoes, meat balls wrapped with egg omelet on skewer with capsicum, rice balls with nori flakes and sweet peas on a bed of lettuce


At the end I fried some egg omelets to wrap the meat balls. Instead of placing the rice in the bowl flat I decided to make them into rice balls. Then I have some extra batter from my cupcakes project and I made some blueberries cupcakes for Darrius using the dried blueberries which was given by Anna when she came back to Malaysia a few months back.

To top it off, I put some Korean Campbell grapes which I bought from Jusco (so much cheaper than Tesco!!!!) for him but after tasting one, he don’t like the taste so they ended in PiggyBeng’s tummy later… :mrgreen: The grapes were selling at RM19.90 a bundle in Tesco and surprisingly only cost RM6.50 a bundle in Jusco… weird huh? I must admit they has a funny taste… something like liquer and it is chewy inside… like mashmellow.

This Bento is a little heavy for Darrius so I actually split them into 2 meals, lunch and afternoon snack. He saw the cupcakes before I gave him the rice and he refused to eat the rice and insisted that he wants the cupcake. So, I have to threaten him that I will eat the cupcake if he don’t finish his rice… So guaiguai finish… 😆 (that’s why no photos of Darrius eating this Bento coz I have to served separately!)