Bento Fun #52 – A Birthday Bento

This is Darrius’s Birthday Bento which is a week late but like the phase ‘it’s better late than never’ is always great to use! 8)

Well, not sure if this is a tradition to most Chinese but on birthdays or any festive celebrations, having chicken dishes on the dining table is extremely important. I learned from my mom that in the olden days, most people in China are poor and they can only afford to have chicken for their meals during festive seasons.

Last time my mom used to prepare chicken drumstick on my birthdays… though not every year (since I was away for quite a while). Therefore, it only feels right if I try to carry on this little tradition. Since Darrius can eat almost anything now, I prepared a birthday Bento for him…

I made him his favorite pan-fried soy sauce chicken πŸ˜‰ and I dyed the quail eggs red! Why quail eggs? Well, knowing Darrius can’t finish 2 chicken eggs I decided to give him quail eggs instead and like usual… quail eggs are so darn cute! :mrgreen: Gave him an orange as a symbol of ‘gold’ so that he will grow up to be prosperous…Β  hehehee… am I that ‘lao-toh’??? πŸ˜†


Clockwise from top left: steamed okra with cherry tomatoes on skewers, red quail eggs on a bed of steamed fish, pan-fried soy sauce chicken on a bed of rice with gravy and an orange


This is the first time I serve okra (lady’s fingers) to Darrius where he eats himself. Normally I will cut until so minuet that he don’t even know they exists. And guess what? He told me “mommy, this lady’s fingers have so many seeds… I don’t want!’ 😐 Apart from that, he was a good boy clearing the entire bento. πŸ™‚

Another thing which made we very happy is that I finally got my Zodiac skewers which I bought from here and arrived just in time for Darrius’s birthday! I used the Rooster, Moomoo Cow and Piggy ones and they are absolutely gorgeous! πŸ™‚

Here is a pic of his happy face when I asked him to sing a Birthday song for himself!


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…..


Bento Fun #51

Was out the whole day (went to collect passport and shop for a new DVD player as ours broke down!) so don’t have the chance to catch up on posting… and I am so behind with my Bento posts!

Last week, I told PiggyBeng to get me some prawns so that I could do some fried rice. However, I have not been cooking that much last week so ended up I don’t have extra rice for the fried rice so I cook Asam Prawn instead since PiggyBeng and Darrius loves those. Happened that day I was out the whole day (brought Darrius to McD so he could get those Madagascar toys) and the easiest items to defrost are the prawns!

We had ours with the shells on but I decided to remove the shell from a few of them and put them on skewers just for Darrius as he loves the idea of eating ‘satay’. On that day I also stir-fried some purple and green ‘yuen-choy’ or Chinese spinach which we had not had for a long time. Added some cherry tomatoes into the box since I don’t have any fruits available that day.



Initially Darrius rejected the spinach as he said he ‘don’t want any vege’! Don’t know why he started to reject some of the vege I served him lately but I was lucky I could still coax him to eat. Sometimes he will just eat when I shoved them into his mouth but sometimes he will turn his head away!

And here is a very cute smug-faced photo of him with the ‘prawn satay’ or ‘prawn kebab’.


.The corns were the leftovers from our McD meal so I dumped them into the box in the hope that Darrius can finish them up! :mrgreen:

Bento Fun #50

I have been trying to blog hop the whole morning today but still I can’t seem to complete! Everyone has been busy blogging so there are so much to read! πŸ˜›

Anyhow, I have been catching up on my posts too (which never seems to complete… not even 30%!!) and I want to post up all the Bento I fixed last week… yeah… I am that slow now!

This is a snack Bento I did last Wednesday (I think) when I was half way doing my cupcakes. My FIL brought us some tasty ‘pandan egg tarts’ which Darrius has took a fancy on as they are really yummy! Then I cut some butterfly and flower shaped pear for his Vitamin C intake as he has not been taking that much fruit lately.



To date my Bentos are not as creative as those Bento books I found or those Japanese mamas’ sites… I think I still have a loooooooooooooooong way to go. Though I have most of the gadgets but I find it tough to include them since I don’t pack for outdoor… so most of the stuff I have are sitting inside the box.

I am trying to find a few more Bento books fromΒ  Amazon books to add to my collection though I know I still can’t achieve that kind of results but it feels good to have a few reference books around! πŸ˜›

Bento Fun #49

I am so slow with my Bento posts though I have all the photos sorted out and uploaded. There are always something else I need to do that takes me away from blogging here. In fact I have loads of posts waiting at my cupcakes blog but I just can’t get around doing them. Not to mention the cob webs building up in my recipes blog! :mrgreen:

Ok, here is another not so creative Bento I did last Tuesday. It was a quick one as I was running late. I wanted to do a sunny side up quail egg but while frying it I thought to myself I better make the yolk completely cook in case it has bacteria which will be harmful to Darrius hence the slightly brown ‘sun’ face…

I steamed a slice of sea Barramundi fillet with some sliced mushrooms which I made it look like seagulls…


Sunny side up quail egg, sliced mushroom as seagulls, sliced carrot, cherry tomatos, steamed Barramundi cubes with stir-fried Chinese cabbage with luncheon meat on a bed of white rice


I don’t have time to cut the apple as Darrius was already making noise that he’s hungry so I have to serve him the rice and kept the apple till later for his snack.

Oh yeah, I must mention a little about the luncheon meat now that I remembered. The brand Maling was used to be quite good and a lot of people are eating this brand but I was very disappointed with my can of luncheon meat as it don’t only taste good but a little funny! Don’t know how to describe. I know it is unhealthy to serve Darrius these but I was glad he felt the taste was a little weird so he refused to eat them! *phew~*

Since it was quite pricey now, I felt bad to dump the whole can into the bin so I only dump the leftover. The other half I sliced them thinly and pan fried till crispy and I made some sandwiches with them. Tasted much better but imagine the fats I have loaded up!!!! I better go source for a good diet pill to wash away those fats! I went to read about some of the alli reviews and still thinking if I should get some to try.

Bento Fun #48

*cough* *cough*

Yeah, can you believe it that I am still coughing? It has entered the 3rd week and I am no where near feeling better. In fact my throat is getting sore again since yesterday and I have no idea why… maybe I whacked too much heaty food again at the buffet table on Sunday… :mrgreen:

Anyway, I am quite slow in posting my Bento again and I am ashamed to say that this was last Thursday Bento! I did not cook that much last week too since I have some cupcake orders to rush out.

I cooked some pasta with the Campbell Cabonara sauce which I bought sometime back. I added some sliced sausages and button mushrooms to add more flavors to the sauce. I also tried out my new sausage cutters which I got from Chooi Peng. Finally I got the Thomas Bento box from 100Yen shop in Taman Desa which was a pressie from Christene. She is such a darling… she bought me the entire collection! πŸ™‚

Sad to say the sausages I have in stock are either too big or too long to fit into the cutters and they don’t look that good in the end result. Luckily Darrius never minded those and whack everything! He even asked for more but started playing with it after I served him his second helping and made me mad… 😐 *sigh*


Animal pasta sitting on a bed of lettuce, blanched brocolli, broiled mix vegetables, chicken cheese sausage in the shape of octopus and Salmon sausage in the shape of crab served with Cabonara sauce


PiggyBeng complaint that the Cabonara sauce is extremely fattening but I don’t care lar… just eat (it tasted really delish if you don’t eat it all the time)! If put on weight, just grab some fat burner later lor! :mrgreen: