Bento Fun #69 – Happy Moo Year!

I have been procrastinating to do a Bento for the Lunar New Year as I was so tied up with all the CNY preparation. Baked a lot of cookies and also have to clean the house which seemed to get dirty just after a few days!

Well, since this year is Moo-moo year, I decided to make these cute little moo-moo cows with quail eggs…




Don’t you think they look so darn cute????? ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the idea from one of the Japanese Mama’s site. However, I do not have some of the tools so have to make do with what I have and they did turn out quite nice. The nose is made of ham and the black patches are seaweeds.

I used 2 slices of carrot to make the ‘fence’ which turned out pretty good. I had wanted to pan-fried them so they have the brownish effect but I was too lazy to clean the wok so I just blanched them together with the other vege.

In the box there are some broccoli, cauliflower (hidden/under the ducklings) and some sweet peas. Added a cherry tomato brighten up the box and a mini mandarin orange for dessert.



That’s for all now….

Wishing you and your family A Happy Moo… Year!!!!


Bento Fun #68

Everyone seems to be doing Chara-ben Bentos these days and I felt I should not be left out too! They are just so cute! Though Darrius don’t really fancy having ‘faces’ on his food earlier but I think he is learning to like them now.

Early last week I was left with no meat in my freezer so I have to open a can of SPAM which we bought earlier during the by-election in Pematang Pauh. My kiasu hubby was worried that there might be ’emergencies’ so he went to get quite a few can food for ”just in case’.

Frankly speaking, I find all the quality of these can food now has deteriorate so much! All the China made luncheon meat tasted really awful and the Tulip brand SPAM I have just cooked also tasted just as awful as compared to years ago. Even though we hardly cook luncheon meat, I can taste the difference somehow.




I used my can of SPAM to fry some beehoon (rice vermicelli) and decided to cut a slice to do a piggy face just for Darrius. I fried a sunny side up for myself and PiggyBeng so I snipped some for the piggy’s eyes. Used cheese as the nose and seaweed as the eye balls and nostrils. Cut a carrot strip for the mouth and ears. Easy job!

Added some carrot, broccoli, sweet peas, blueberries and a sice ofย  apple for vitamins.

Ok, that’s about it… my very easy Cara-ben! Hope you have a great weekend ahead and happy Bento-ing!

Bento Fun #67

I am slow in picking up the momentum to do Bento these few weeks as there are just too many things to do! Just completed my CNY baking project where I finally made some green peas cookies, whole almond cookies and peanut cookies. I am still contemplating if I should make some pineapple tarts to complete the entire project. I am left with 2 more days to decide…

Anyhow, here is another simple snack Bento idea which I did on the 2nd week of this month… I think. Finally I cleared the frozen mix vege which I used to make the flower shaped bread pizza.


From left: Flower shaped bread pizza filled with chicken ham, mix vege and cheese, bunny & tulip apple, mini oreos, Japanese sweet potato (hiding underneath) and a few fish bites

I made another version of the bread pizza earlier which is easier to make if you do not have any big flower/daisy cutter.

Hope this idea helps… Have fun bento-ing folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bento Fun #66

The year started with a bang (yeah we went to a new year eve party and I won a prize in the lucky draw) but what happened the days that followed are hardly any bang! ๐Ÿ˜†

Shame to say that I had turned lazy! And even my Bento is so uninspired! I did not cook that much since I have other 1001 things to do (like setting up this blog!) and catch up on some much over due work.

And the first Bento of 2009, is non other than left overs from a McD meal! ๐Ÿ˜›


I got Darrius McD take away while I had some Nasi Kandar as I need to do some groceries shopping (nothing left in the fridge to cook!) in Tesco. There isn’t that many choice there. We either go for KFC (which we had the previous week) or McD or the Nasi Kandar.

Bought this really sweet and crunchy Baby Top Red Apples and decided to let Darrius has it whole. Normally I will de-skin the apple for him but he told me he wants to eat like Amah (my MIL) so I let him since it is small and he can hold it.




Darrius had fun biting the apple and he finished up his nuggets and fries along the way….

Bento Fun #65

To welcome the new year, PiggyBeng made his signature Baby Pork Ribs again. Infact we have been having that for 2 consecutive weeks! One time he bought about 4kg of ribs so imagine the amount we are cooking!

Well, most of the time Darrius don’t really fancy having the ribs so I will prepare other food just for him but that day I was lazy so I asked him again if he would like to have some ribs and he said ‘yes’. I think the daddy has been brain washing him thus the change of interest! ๐Ÿ˜›

Instead of putting the ribs and all the accompanying items in the box, I placed them on the place instead… a chance to use that Thomas plate!


There are some blanched vegetable of broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and baby potatoes, some berry apple sauce and a strip of baby pork rib

Darrius don’t know how to eat the meat off the bone so we have to peel them off for him. He’s only keen in that apple sauce and not so much of the ribs or the vegetables… ๐Ÿ˜›