Bento Fun #75

Day after day I have to scratch my head on what to prepare for Darrius since he is getting a little more fussy with his food. He seems to prefer junks than main meals! You say sei-em-sei???I wonder what will happen when he start school next year????!!!

Though he gets hungry pretty fast but he wants something to munch rather than proper meals. When he told me he wants noodles, he would only eat a few strands and play with the remainder. The only thing he likes and do not reject and dutifully finish up is cheese and bread but I dare not feed him too much cheese as he has a little constipation recently ever since I up his milk feeds. Poor boy has been ‘pushing hard’ every time he sat on the throne. 😛

Since his daddy won’t like me to serve his darling son any sausages and hams, it practically left me with nothing to prepare in his bento! There goes all my kyraben dreams!

Like the bento below, I made some Campbell soup which PiggyBeng strongly disapprove but I bought quite a few cans so got to finish them up. So, this is a meal I shared with Darrius with the biggest portion down by me! 😛




Top teir has a homebaked filo pastry puff with corn, filament and small pieces of cheese, 2 pieces of fig fingers and a box of raisins left from our CNY goodie box.

In bottom tier, some teddy pasta, some half cooked sweet peas (Darrius love the crunch), cherry tomato and some Campbell chicken and mushroom soup where I added more button mushroom to it.

I do not have any fruits except oranges and Darrius don’t like to eat oranges but he likes orange juice… see can go gila liddat! Therefore, I did not have any fruits for him here.

There will be more pasta bento since I have loads of pasta in my cabinet!

This bento was done the day before. We were out whole day yesterday to celebrate my birthday in the mainland which I will be blogging about in my main blog soon… 😛

That’s all for now… happy Bento-ing folks!


Bento Fun #74 – Pizza Bento!

I woke up extremely early yesterday as I can’t sleep so the whole day I was feeling really tired and lethargic. I tried doing some updating at my recipes blog and my cupcake blog as they were having some problems due to some plugins I have just installed.

Then Darrius woke up very early too and it sort of upset my morning schedule a little so I did not do much besides the normal chores. I did not even cook lunch for that matter! See how lazy I can get! :mrgreen:

Of course there was no Bento for lunch. I just gave Darrius a few bottles milk and some snacks till dinner time where I will definitely have to cook or my ‘boss’ will think what has happened to his lazy wife again… 😛 I thanked God for having someone inventing the pressure cooker so I can boil my soup in a jiffy now. hehehe

As I was too lazy to do any other cooking, I decided to play with my mini egg pan again and came out with this ‘mini pizza’…




The only Bento box I have that can fit this ‘pizza’ was the Madagascar one though I have another square one which is a double deck. Since there was nothing much to put in, this box was the most approriate.

The pizza was actually egg omelette fried with diced French beans and shredded carrot and topped with slices of cherry tomatoe. It was such a cute miniature.

I made some flower shaped onigiri for the Carbohydrate and some seedless grapes for the fruit part. There was a bowl of Chinese cabbage with fish maw soup which was not in the above photo but in the photo I took of my happy ‘customer’.




Actually Darrius has been quite fussy lately with his food (I hope it is just a phase). He prefers to have milk over rice. So everytime I asked if he wants his rice he will shake his head which really surprised me. Moreover, if he do want his rice, he wants me to feed him rather than feed himself. Therefore, most of the time he will play with his Bento walloping all the snacks or fruits but not the main items like rice or noodles.

If I served him soup, the soup will be the first thing he finishes and the rice will be untouched or he will just play with them. Really headache now!

Bento Fun #73

I hope I won’t be lagging again in posting my Bento!!! Sometimes I get very lazy to download photos from the camera even I have all those simplified gadgets here. Talking about laziness and sloppiness I shall get first prize! :mrgreen:

There’s nothing special in today’s Bento except I came up with a new chicken recipe. I made some Pan Fried Tom Yum Chicken and I packed some for Darrius in his Bento. He had it for his dinner.




The bento consists of white rice topped with some egg furikake, 2 pieces of Tom Yum Chicken, some Green Crimson Seedless grapes and a cherry tomato.

Darrius did not finish the rice and the chicken as he ate too much junk food before dinner! Blame it on me as I gave him some junks to shut his mouth up while I was cooking. That boy can be real noisy and annoying when his mouth stopped munching. In order to let me cook in peace, I have to stuff him with food! 😐

Ok, guess that’s all for this week. The hubby will take over the kitchen during the weekends so I might not pack any bentos.

See you great Bento-ers next week! Happy Bento-ing! 🙂

Bento Fun #72

When I came back here to Penang I have to live with the minimal. Though we have almost everything here but being stuck with a young toddler at home, sometimes it is not easy to go about to places I like to get things I want. It has been ages since I last step my foot to the morning wet market.

With the dwindling economy and and more people out of job, crime rate has somehow escalated to an unknown rate which can be quite scary especially when we go out alone with kids.

Also, Tesco near my place do not have the varieties sometimes so I am stuck with more or less the same ingredients all the time. In fact I am tired with the kind of dishes I cook now… 😛 Just that my ‘bosses’ never complain so I’m not going to crack my brain just yet. :mrgreen:

This was a lunch bento I made for Darrius. PiggyBeng’s aunt popped by the night before and brought us a Hawaiian pizza. I had brushed Darrius teeth so I did not let him eat and kept the pizza for lunch the next day.




The bento consists of 1 slice of pizza which I cut into 2, cherry tomatoes, some blanched broccoli and some orange. Darrius finished the pizza but need coaxing to finish up the cherry tomatoes and broccoli. I have to bribe him later by squeezing some mayonnaise on them.

Weather in Penang is excruciatingly hot and humid and that was also another reason why I am so lazy to do any karaben. It is so difficult to handle cheese in these kind of weather! Therefore, I prefer to stick with practical bento for the time being… must also limit feeding Darrius with too much processed food. After all, the ham and sausages here sucks… 😛

That’s all for today… happy Bento-ing folks! 🙂