Bento Fun #90 – A Fishy Tale

Wow! I am just 10 posts away from my #100th bento post! This obsession of mine has been growing steadily as I need to divide my time with my cupcake shoppe. It is always so fun to be in the creative circle cause there will always be something new and exciting coming. Must start thinking of an ultimate bento to commemorate my #100th post. :mrgreen:

Another thing I was happy about was, I finally found the Sakura Denbu in one of the shop near Gurney Plaza. I always thought this shop was selling baking supplies but never thought of popping by as I dare not go there by myself since it required parallel parking (yeah, I’m such a lousy driver). Therefore, after reading about it from one of the blogging friend, I decided to bug my Ah Beng to pop by the shop last Friday. Boy, am I glad! 🙂

So, with the new ingredient, I made these cuties…




The rice for the fish onigiri was mixed with Sakura Denbu. I used the egg fish mold to form the fish as I find the shape is much nicer than the other fish mold I have. I just need to press the rice on both side and use a cling wrap to separate the centre before I close it to tighten the rice inside the mold.

The green line on the fish is cut out from green lunch sheet. The fish scales are corn seeds which I used some mayonnaise to stick them together. Ok, this is no easy job as I need to actually sliced each corn seed into half so they are flat! Details of the eyes are made of cheese and nori.

I added a chicken drumlet to go with the onigiri. There are some apple slices, blanched broccoli and half a cherry tomato.

Since this is an impromptu bento I made, I did not get any Calrose Rice. The rice dries so fast (hot weather so fan was switched on full blast) and it is not easy to stick all the items on. So, this is a lesson learned. Next time, to do fancy onigiri I must use Calrose Rice! 😛 Another note: I should have wrapped the side of the onigiri with nori to hold the rice together. Can you see the rice started to ‘peel off’ ?

It was not easy to place the onigiri into the bento box too. What a challenge it was! The corn seeds kept falling off! Next time I’ll do a flat lying one instead… less stress that way! 😆

I got the idea of doing the fish from one of the bento books but I can’t remember which one coz I can’t find it inside those I have.


Bento Fun #89

It is Monday again. Time passes so fast these day. So much so I did not have time to enjoy my weekends. Was caught up with more cupcake orders so there isn’t any time left for any family or personal activities.

There was one bento which I made last week which I did not have the time to post up. I went for my nasi kandar fix in Tesco so I fixed a lunch bento for Darrius which I brought along with us.




In this bento there are two tiers as I try to slot in some extra goodies so Darrius can have an extra bite after our lunch while groceries shopping in Tesco.

I prepared 2 meat floss bread rolls wrapped with nori and decorate them with cheese bears. As treat, there was a mini chocolate brownie cupcake. In the other tier there are 2 pan fried soy sauce chicken wings (middle portion) a mini chocolate mantao and two bunny apples.

Darrius had a lot of fun as he can continue to munch while I shop. I think it is a good thing too that I packed extra for him so he did not disturb me with ‘mommy, I want to eat this one’ when ever he sees something he wanted to eat on the aisles! 😛

Bento Fun #88 – *honk* *honk*

I was rummaging through my ‘bento treasure box’ to see what are the gadgets that I have bought but never used since I opened them after they arrived in my mailbox. It was a good exercise I must say coz I found so many unused gadgets! The amount I have spent so far can buy half of that Kitchen Aid which I have been drooling for so long! :mrgreen:

At the bottom of the box I discovered these babies (transportation rice molds) which I have opened and wrapped with another plastic waiting to see the light of day! Actually the shape of these vehicles are quite difficult to tell so I was lucky I kept the cardboard which came together with the molds.

Since Darrius is very into cars, planes and boats, I thought I’ll just made some rice balls with them. I did not have Calrose Rice at home so I used our normal Thai Rice and added a little extra water thinking it will be stickier. As you can see, they are not as sticky as  has hope they will be. Nonetheless, the rice balls still turned out better than I have expected them to be.




In this bento, there are 2 car shaped rice balls/onigiri (details are made of carrot and nori) with some stir-fried mixed vegetables of cabbage, carrot and sweet peas with chicken strips. I added a pan-fried soy sauce chicken wing (I added a little oyster sauce when I marinate to get a better fagrance) and a strawberry to complete the box.

I have wanted to make a traffic light to be included but the weather was so hot that I was already drenched in sweat by the time I’m sone with cooking and decorating the bento. Darrius adores traffic lights so I hope I can do one real soon to make him happy!

Till then, hope you have a great weekend and happy bento-ing! 🙂

Bento Fun #87 – Tweet~

These few days I do not have any cupcake projects so I thought I should at least do one ‘kyraben’. I have been procrastinating if I should join the rest in the Kid Bento Contest organized by Susan Yuen since my bento packing skills is still very amateur.

Another reason is, I can’t find a lot of Japanese ingredients (probably I have not stumble on a shop here yet) so my bentos will always contain the same stuff… and since I have lots of pasta! 😛

However, an idea struck me earlier that I still have some lunch sheet left and I have better use them up! They have been sitting in the freezer for a looooong time! :mrgreen:




Today’s Bento is one of my favorite character – Miss Tweety (made of lunch sheets and nori). Darrius likes Tweety too coz she is just so cute! And I can tell you… he has no qualm swallowing Ms Tweety too!

I made some teriyaki chicken on skewers as the side dish and Ms Tweety is sitting on a bed of rice. I used brown rice today and added some Wolfberries for nutrition purposes.

There are some sliced okra and carrot flowers for decorations. I added some lotus roots as we had some UFO soup for today’s meal. There are 2 Korean strawberries topped with carrot flowers. Some broccoli for fiber as Darrius has been having constipation the past few days… I wonder if it the milk that causes it…

I have precut Ms Tweety the day before so I don’t have to rush since I have to cook other dishes for our meal. It may look pretty simple but I can tell you, I had a hard time cutting the nori lashes! The nori I have is rather ‘rough’ in texture and I am not sure if all nori sheets are like that? I have one packet which my MIL bought from Japan but it is just as rough.




And here is the lil’ monster posing with his Tweety Bento before he attack Ms Tweety in just one bite! 😐




Darrius was a good boy and finished up the entire bento. He was so full that he has to decline the last piece of chicken. I will try to do more kyaraben in the future when time permits. They are really time consuming! 😛

Bento Fun #86

We were supposed to go out today to meet up with a friend and her family but last minute her hubby was not feeling well so ended up we decided to rot at home… 😛

Hubby cooked some curry kembong fish for lunch which is not suitable for Darrius so I took out the the pasta sauce which I kept in the freezer and defrost it.




I boiled some teddy bear pasta and decided to add a small cheese bear for cuteness. I don’t have the mood to do more intricate bento so just do this simple one. Added some cut apples in shape of tulip (the cutting is different from the normal tulip taught by the Japanese moms) and used that stem picks which goes really well! 2 cherry tomatoes to add on the Vit c.