Bento Fun #98

I’ve to cook dinner almost every day except Friday but mostly doing steaming. Too lazy to do heavy cooking as I need to clean the kitchen… hehhee getting very lazy!

This bento was done last nite for dinner. I’m trying to clear all those frozen stuff in the freezer (especially the meat balls!) and some cabbage I bought last week which I have totally forgotten! That’s the problem when you have a big deep fridge… things are hidden from the eyes! PiggyBeng will record what he puts in and what he takes out but I’m too lazy to do that! :mrgreen:




Since I’ve opened the tofu skin pouch, I’ll have to clear them soon too. Therefore, I decided to make sushi for Darrius topped with two different furikake flavors. One is egg and another is shrimps. Cut two rabbit apples as Darrius really likes apple now after seeing my MIL takes them everyday. And he wants to have the skin too since my MIL ate the skin! Kids!

In the portion cup are some stir-fried cabbage with protein balls. Ok, it is a kind of vegetarian stuff (imitation meat balls) which I bought from Tesco. It is a good substitute when I forget to defrost meat for cooking. Just need to soak for 15 minutes and they are ready to use. Some carrot flowers and peas for deco. On the other end is a cherry tomato. On the top is 2 pieces of meat balls that goes well with the bone picks! 🙂




I gave Darrius some steamed fish which I did not include in the bento as it is too sticky and don’t look nice! 😛 Darrius only ate one of the sushi and refused to eat the cabbage but he finished the protein balls! I even gave him the other half of the apples which he asked me to cut into bunny shape. 🙂

That’s all for now… happy bento-ing!


Bento Fun #97

It was raining cats and dog this morning so obviously I was lazy to get out of the house. I have some wholemeal bread left from the weekend and a whole tray of eggs (I have stopped taking cupcake orders) so decided to make some French toasts for lunch. Yeah, lunch is either eat out or bread now… :mrgreen:

I cut using the small star and heart cookie cutters which I bought from Jusco. Darrius adores anything in the shape of star….




After I was done arranging the little stars and hearts bite size French toasts, I dribbled some Black Honey Syrup which I bought from 100 Yen shop on them. They tasted quite nice with the toasts…

Then I cut some Green Skin mango and some strawberries for vitamins. Mangoes and strawberries are two of Darrius’s fav fruits.

As expected, Darrius cleared everything except for the Butterhead lettuce. 😛

That’s all for now. Hope all of you have fun bento-ing! 🙂

Bento Fun #96

Due to my laziness I have not been posting up my bento. I did not do that many since I don’t cook that often now. Sometimes Darrius wants me to feed him so I don’t decorate his dinner too. I think it is the ‘baby‘ thing that he is getting a little sticky lately.

In fact this bento was done last week. Darrius saw me doing my ‘ME BENTO‘ and insisted that he wanted a bento too. So, after I was done with mine I used all the balanced ingredients and put up one for him.




One thing I am glad is that Darrius is never demanding about his bento. He won’t ask for all the cutesy stuff but instead he is more to ‘what is inside my bento?’. His eyes will sparkles when he sees food that he likes and will give me one of his ‘sly’ smile and start jumping up and down happily before he waits for me to put him onto his high chair.

Like me, Darrius likes the chicken wing and the strawberries which are the first two items he cleared. The only thing that left was some of the fried rice and all the lettuce. 😛

This is the ‘ME’ Bento

I guess most of you should have known that Javapot’s little WHO R U?’ Bento challenge is closing soon. Well, I was very busy the whole of last week with cupcake orders everyday so I did not have any chance to think of what to do so I waited till this week but who knows I discovered something that changed my life completely… 🙂

Since the discovery I have been eating out as I want to bring Darrius out to have fun (since he was stuck at home most of the time and for time to come). This means I don’t have the leisure afternoon to do bento. Normally we will have a quick dinner and Darrius will often asked me to feed him too. I guess he knows that he will have to be independent very soon… so he has been a little cry baby lately and wants my attention all the time.

Well, initially I thought I’ll give the contest a miss (as I felt a little nauseated this morning) but since Javapot has been so supportive, I’ll just want to support her initiative… after all the prizes she offered are really attractive wor! 😛 However, I doubt mine will stand a chance! So it is for sportmanship… :mrgreen: (Java, don’t knock my head ok?? )




I have been craving for either Asam Laksa or fried rice in particular for the last 2 weeks. Since I can’t put Asam Laksa in my bento so I thought I’ll have fried rice instead. This time I managed to make anchovies fried rice. The ingredients were a little different as I wanted to clear some of the vege in my fridge. 😛

This bento describe me in a way… as you can see those ‘cupcakes’ I’m holding! 😆 Yeah, I’m the ‘Cupcake Mama’ here! I’d wanted to get some quail eggs and dye them with colors but was too lazy to walk in the hot sun to the wet market so this novel idea of using strawberries. The cupcake cases were made of tofu pouch or ‘inari’… I hope I got that right.

For ‘ME’ the face was made with local fish cake. You can see the grayish color… looked ghastly hor? I can’t find komaboko and I do not want to use cheese as I don’t fancy cheese and with my condition now the more I dare not take cheese cause I do not want to kick start my morning sickness so soon! 😆 The collar and earrings were all made of carrot. The blouse and apron are made of lunch sheets. Hair was nori with artificial crab meat for headband and the bow at the apron.

I had pan-fried oyster sauce chicken wings (the middle section is my favorite part) and some broccoli and yellow cherry tomatoes. All the cooking and decorating took me almost 2 hours! 😛

That’s all for ‘ME Bento’. I hope all of you had fun doing your ‘ME Bento’ too!

Till then, happy bento-ing folks! And TGIF too! 🙂