Bento Fun #107 – Vrooom….

It has been a while since I last use some of the cute bento boxes in my collection. While I was looking through what I have in the many boxes around the house, I saw the Tomica Car box which used to be Darrius’s favorite.

Thinking that I still have a few slices of that charcoal bread it will be a good idea to use it for the wheels…


In today’s bento, the car shape sandwich is spread with strawberry jam. The details for the windows and rims is cheese. There are some chicken cocktails, a crab claw, a slice of Chinese pear, some sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

There won’t be any classes tomorrow as it is a public holiday here in Malaysia. This weekend we will head down to Ipoh for some family events so there won’t be any bento posts!

Have fun bento-ing! 🙂


Bento Fun #106 – It’s a Froggy Day!

I was rummaging through my fridge yesterday and discovered I have a cucumber bought last week hidden behind some boxes. When I took it out I found out a portion has already start to rot so I quickly flip through my bento books and see what can I do with it… then saw this cute little frog which is not too tough to do.

Not sure what is his name (coz I know he is not Keroppi) so I’ll just call him Froggy!


I am using my new Elmo bento box which is a nice size for a snack bento. I made a luncheon meat sandwich with white bread with Froggy on top cut out using a bear cutter with details using cheese and nori. Added some carrot flowers as deco. There are 2 slices of apples, 2 mini chicken cocktails topped with cheese flowers and 2 cherry tomatoes.

Hope Darrius will be happy to see Froggy this morning! 🙂

Bento Fun #105

I woke up early again this morning as I intend to do some experiment with my Thomas cutters with imprints. I actually bought them more than a year but has only used them once. Thought I’ll try them again using toasts.

Darrius used to be a huge fan of Thomas and Friends but I guess he like them lesser now. His latest fav is Little Einstein which I found rather difficult to get their toys or just about anything!


I only have a bread toaster at home so I try my luck in getting my imprinted toasts out in nice brown but to my dismay, the browning was uneven. 😦 Then I was lazy to set my oven so I just make do with the lightly toasted bread.

It was strawberry jam inside the heart and star shape toasts with Thomas and his friends imprinted on. I think it was Percy and James with Thomas. I gave him 2 slices of apples and 2 cherry tomatoes thinking he will be getting porridge today.

He told me he got beehoon for break today instead of porridge but he finished the whole bento nonetheless! Even his teacher was very interested with his bento and asked me where do I get the gadgets from.. 😛

Bento Fun #104 – It’s Mickey!

After a week of holiday to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we are back to waking up early again… When I passed Darrius his bottle of milk this morning he told me he don’t want to go to school and he said he don’t like school any more! o_O That was because he don’t have enough sleep as he stayed awake last nite till passed midnight to watch the fireworks as people in Penang gave prayers to the Jade Heavenly God.

I slept early with baby as I was so tired out with the day activities that left me very little energy to stay awake… more over I need to wake up later to feed baby…

I woke up around 4+am to feed baby so I can’t fall back to sleep after I was done. Hence I decided to go down earlier to see if I could pack something for Darrius.


I bought a loaf of this charcoal bread over the weekend and decided to try out my Mickey cutters since it is just nice to get the pitch black color for Mickey’s ears. I spread some peanut butter over to get all the details to stick on. The bread was quite crumbly hence you can see a lot of black dots all over the place! 😆

There were 2 cheese bread rolls to fill up the space with a mini mandarin orange. I also include 2 slices of the Sarawak layer cake which my MIL brought home from Kuching. Darrius loves them to bits!

That’s all for today… Happy Bento-ing!

Bento Fun #103

A belated Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!!!!

This year we spent our CNY in hot and boring Penang! In the past years we will go to Ipoh where we will meet up with my side of the family before coming back to Penang. Since my cousin will be getting married on Chap Goh Meh (15th day of the Lunar New Year) so all of us decided to meet then to save a trip… It is not wise to travel long distance with a screaming baby! 😛

Normally, on the first day of CNY we usually wait for our relatives to come ‘pai nien’ (visiting) as both my MIL and FIL are the eldest in their families… so it is only natural that the younger siblings and their families pop by our place. However, my hubby thought that we should make a change this year and so went to his elder aunt’s place instead as most will congregate there before they start the ‘pai nien’ entourage.

Darrius woke up early and has his milk but he refused to eat the rice and various dishes which my MIL whipped up for prayer. As it was about 10+ in the morning, I decided to pack him a simple bento with my new cutters which I just got from Bento Craft.


In the box are PB with strawberry jam sandwiches, a mini mandarin and some strawberries balanced from the box I got earlier.

That’s all for today! Hope all of you had a wonderful CNY celebration!