Bento Fun #130 – A Funny Bento

When I asked Darrius if he finished his bento yesterday after I fetched him from kindy and he told me ‘NOPE’. There was a big disappointment in my heart and I told him off by saying ‘mommy is not going to make you any more bento‘. Upon reaching home I checked his bento box… only to find the strawberry and a half eaten corn on the cob left. 😮 hmmm…. He did finished the 2 fruits balls after all… >.^

Then I asked him again why he never finish the strawberry? He told me he no longer likes strawberry… HUH?????!!!! >o< Aiyoh! These Korean strawberries don’t come cheap and they were super sweet! I’ll understand if those sour ones from Cameron Highlands… Oh well!!! Mommy will finish the whole box then! 😀

Later on he came and whisper to me… ‘ Mommy, I only want the yellow cherry tomatoes and the golden kiwi fruit in my bento’. Only fruits??? How to be filling??? *scratch head*

So, these are the items he gets for today…


Hahaha… yeah, a funny bento!!! 😆

I know he won’t say ‘NO’ to sausages/weiners so I came up with this funny looking sausage wrapped in bread slice cut out with a crinkle cutter (only to find the jagged edges are too light to be seen). Used cheese and nori for the details. Behind are a few slices of golden kiwi, some yellow cherry tomatoes (hidden underneath the red cherry tomato) a mini chicken cocktail and a small portion of pearl corn on the cob.

Just hope he will polish off the whole bento… 🙂


Bento Fun #129

Not sure what I should be doing today so I decided to try something new. Can’t remember where I’ve seen the idea from (either KarenMama or Akinoichigo) on doing these ‘fruit balls’ using bread. Since Darrius is kinda sick with those stack cheese sandwiches I’ve made for him the past weeks, I decided to wrapped them into balls instead. 🙂


Doing these fruit balls or bread onigiri were not as easy as I’d imagined! Well, the shape don’t really stay as round as I’d wished it would be! They are completely different from molding rice balls as once you’ve squeezed them together, there’s no turning back unless you dump it and start a fresh with another slice of bread!

I stuffed all those cheese bits which were left overs from the past bentos that I have kept in a box so they are not wasted. Have wanted to put in a mini chicken cocktail but worried the hard shape of the cocktail may alter the shape so will try that out another time.

For filler, I put in a strawberry, some baby carrots and corn on the cob. Since there are limited space, I took away the golden kiwi.

I hope Darrius will be amused with these fruit balls! 🙂

Bento Fun #128 – Bunny Again!

The weekend passed so fast! I was down with a slight fever (suspected mastitis) since yesterday morning and has not really recover. I was still spotted with a slight fever during the night and thought I’ll just give today’s bento a miss but when hubby woke me up, I felt better so I just went ahead to pack Darrius’s bento.

It is another bunny bento since Easter Sunday is just round the corner! Easter Day holds a very special meaning to me as I discovered I was pregger with Baby G last year after trying for almost 3 years! 🙂


Today Darrius gets a triple deck cheese heart shape wholemeal bread sandwich with bunny imprinted inside the heart in white bread. Went to get another box of the Korean strawberry from Queensbay Mall so he can get to have his favorite fruit. Added a yellow and a red cherry tomatoes for him as well as a small container filled with dried cranberries which hubby brought back from his US trip recently.

I am going to enter this bento for the B.O.M.B challenge and hope I’ll increase my chance in winning! 😆

That’s all for now… happy bento-ing! 🙂

Bento Fun #127

When I asked Darrius yesterday if he likes his bento, he told me ‘Mommy, why you always give me bread?’ >o<

Ok, I am lost for words as I don’t really want to explain why I don’t want to pack noodles or rice into his snack box cause he will never understand anyway… After all, he cleaned up the entire bento yesterday or those the day before!

Since I still have the wholemeal bread, I just went ahead and pack him another cheese sandwich this morning. I’ll go crack my head this weekend if I can pack any other stuff next time… I doubt it but I’ll try what I can do… maybe back to mantou for a change… 😛

In today’s bento…


Finally I am starting the Easter theme though I’ve done some bunnies/rabbits in the past weeks. Just want to join in the B.O.M.B Challenge fun again for April over at Hapa Bento.

I cut the bread according to the box shape and stuffed all the bits and pieces of cheese (from all the cut outs) and hid them in between the bread… not to waste any unused cheese bits! 🙂 Added some tiny carrot flowers and dotted some ketchup on the bunny’s cheeks with nori for eyes , nose and mouth.

On the other section, I put in two mini chicken cocktails, a crab claws, baby carrots and yellow cherry tomatoes. Darrius told me he loves those yellow cherry tomatoes. I think he is sick of the red ones… 😆 There’s no more space for other fruits today!

That’s all for today… TGIF and a happy weekend ahead everyone! 🙂

Bento Fun #126

Today Baby G woke up very early as she was cranky the whole night screaming away for don’t know what reasons. She will do that once in a while… refusing milk and refusing anything we try doing to calm her down.

This morning my MIL has to be at the airport early so she helped me to carry Baby G so I can finish up today’s bento for Darrius (he was still upstairs zzz then) but I still did not get to complete it to my satisfaction but have to be content with it. >o<

If you have noticed why there aren’t any onigiri in my recent bentos, that was because I don’t have the time to make any in the morning (only have the most 45 mins each morning for bentos). Also, I don’t want Darrius to bring rice knowing that he will take ages to finish them! Therefore, I have to turn anything from rice to bread if the ideas I got were from my bento books.

What’s in the box today?


I tried making a 3-D bear today using wholemeal bread. I slot a slice of cheese on the bear head and the details on the ears. I stack the nose using some honey so they won’t move. I secured dried blueberries for the eyes using some spaghetti and a dried cranberry for the nose.

Since I am running out of time I did not get to do a lot of the details such as the tongue and the paw prints. Oh well… will definitely do another one next time with all the details!! 😛

Added some golden kiwi slices and yellow cherry tomatoes for Vitamin C (also, these are the only items left in the fridge!) as Darriu’s cough is getting slightly better. At least he don;t cough so much now compared to the last few months.

That’s all for today! Have fun bento-ing! 🙂