Bento Fun #153

Last night I hardly sleep coz Baby G woke up almost every 45 minutes interval! The moment I falls back into zzzland she turned over and cried. Really have no idea what is wrong with her. Is she cold? Or is she warm? Or is it because her nose is stuffy? Or could it be her gum is hurting? 😦 Lots of questions but no answers!

Practically I have to drag myself up this morning. Wanted so much to abandon the idea of packing a bento for Darrius but he did asked me to pack for him last night so I just went ahead with it. Just 10 minutes into it Baby G screamed again so I have to bring her down and let her sit at the activity centre while I continue with the bento.

I had this idea yesterday that I wanted to try making a dual colour pocket sandwich so I went to get a load of that chocolate raisin bread for the project. I used one side plain bread and another side of the chocolate bread. They turned out quite well! The filling for the pocket sammies is meat floss with nori (as this is the only filling Darrius likes!) which I bought last weekend.

Still have some of those heart shape chicken nuggets left in the freezer so I pan fried a few for the bento. Broiled some broccoli and endamame too. The flower carrot was left over from last night dinner. Added a strawberry to brighten up the bento.

Here is a shot on Baby G while I was doing this post earlier… biting on a slice of bread (she don’t have any teeth yet but she insist she wants the bread!).

That’s all for today…


Bento Fun #152 – Star Froggy

Looks like Baby is more keen to go to school than the kor-kor!!! Baby G woke up so early these days (she knew when is weekdays and weekends!!!) and I have no choice but to bring her down when I am half way assembling Darrius’s bento. Past few nights has been torturing as Baby G wakes up almost every hour for milk! Gone are the days where she can sleep…. well, like a baby!!! 😛

So, what happened to the bento? Initially I was damn lazy to wake up coz I was simply too tired to move my body. Hubby came into the room before he leave to make sure I’m awake. No choice.. got down and started with today’s bento with no ideas in mind yet!

Then I saw my bowl of cutters (yeah, they are every where!) and the bear cutter prompted me to do a froggy for today and Froggy is it!

Instead of using my pocket sandwich cutter today I used my star cutters to make this star shape pocket sandwich. I still have some lunch sheets left in the freezer so I used them for the froggy. Eyes and mouth are cheese and nori. The filling for today is organic almond butter (which I bought from Australia) with grape jelly. Very tasty! 😀

Added some fruits in the box too. There are some star shape guava behind the star sandwich and some heart shape mangoes. There is a cherry tomato for colors.

Though Darrius said he don’t want any bento, I’m sure he will clean up this one as it has so many fruits in it. I know he don’t like sandwiches so much now and rather eat junk than sandwiches!

Ok, that’s all and happy bento-ing!!!! 😀

Bento Fun #151

It is Monday again and we are back to our regular routine. Baby G woke up very early and I was lucky that I managed to pat her back to sleep so I could pack Darrius a bento this morning. Usually he will be hungry as the kindy only give the kids a cup of Milo on Monday.

Guess what? It was pocket sammies again! Today, it was cheese filled pocket sammies where I tried to clear all the odds and ends of those cheese cut-outs. I added some cute animal barans to separate the pocket sammies.

We went to the zoo yesterday and hence the animal theme today. Aside from the pocket sammies, I gave him a little bucket filled with sweet mango in shape of flower and another cup of guava in the shape of sakura. There was a cherry tomato and 2 skewers of endamame.

In case you’ve not been here for a while, I have made some changes to the site. Yeah, gave it a new look. 😀 I am in the midst of redoing the header too so that explained the lack of posting and blog hoping activities too!

That’s all for today. Hope you have a good week ahead and happy bento-ing!

Bento Fun #150 – More Pocket Sammies!

Ok, this is among the new toys I have which I am really infatuated with after the 1st trial. This pocket sammies cutter is one thing all bento moms should have if they are packing for their young school going kids! Not sure if other kids are like my Darrius who always likes to eat the filling only rather than the whole sammy. Therefore, I often get uneaten bread leftover from his sandwiches. When they came home, very often they are so soggy and disgustingly bitten! 😐

This pocket sammies cutter is among the best tool where fillings can be sealed effortlessly. The size of the end result is so cute that I am sure all kids will be happy to pick up and pop them into their little mouths! No more mess and no more left overs! 😀

I bought another loaf of bread just to do more experiments!! Thus, Darrius has a bento to bring to kindy today…


Today the filling for these pocket sammies are some chicken wiener which I purposely cut into the correct size so the sides can be sealed perfectly. I used the not so fat type of wiener as I tried with the others, it does not seal too well.

Since Baby G was already wailing upstairs when I was about to finished with the sammies so I don’t have time to cut any nori to decorate so ended up using these lovely hat picks which I just got from J-Mama. Don’t they look so cute????!!! I bet they will look even cuter if I put some facial expressions on them like the first one that I did! And if you noticed, I used another new bento box which was a recent stock I got from Daiso. Love the colors and the transparent lid! I have another 2-tiers one which I hope to use on my next project!

I added one cherry tomato and some mini chicken cocktails for him with some flower shaped carrot as barans. He might get a bun or donuts from kindy today so I tried not to over stuffed his bento. These are his favorite food so I guess he will clean the entire bento today! 😀

Bento Fun #149 – Happy Faces Bento

Even though I hardly pack bentos now but there is one thing I never stop doing – shop for bento gadgets! I have been on a collection spree of late and I can tell you my cupboard is almost bursting! Blame it on online shopping! 😛

Darrius has been making requests the past few days as I promised him I will try to make them for him but I am always so tied up with other things so ended I just make simple meals and only packed some cereals for him for him to bring to school.

Went for groceries shopping after I dropped Darrius at kindy and bought a lot of stuff so thought I’ll pack something for him so he can enjoy when he comes home from school. While half way assembling, Baby G went on crying mode and refused to stop if I don’t carry her. Therefore, I have to hastily complete the bento where I have to abandon many details…


Made him some mayonnaise with meat floss pocket sandwiches with happy faces on them. This was the first time I use my new pocket sandwich cutter. It was pretty easy to use just that it can’t really cut through so I have to do some fine tuning by snipping off some of the edges with a pair of scissors. The seams were quite well sealed so those little pocket sammies looked really cute! Bought it from J-Mama.


I added a tier of fresh fruits for him as he hardly take much fruits lately. That was why I have to supplement his Vit C intake by giving him those Vit C tablets. There were slices of oranges, green kiwi in tulip shape and cherry tomatoes. Was supposed to do the facial details for the cherry tomatoes but ran out of time since Darrius was already hungry and Baby G started crying again! 😛