Bento Fun #206 – Fishes-fishes Where Are You?

Gosh! The past 2 days has been chaotic! Baby G started crawling on all 4 so now I have to practically be her bodyguard full time! She refused to sleep and will start to crawl the moment she turned over! Then Darrius has been eating slower than the snail again! I have to spend so much time nagging him for breakfast, lunch and dinner! He even managed to dupe persuade his daddy to feed him since this mommy refused to do so! Therefore, I have no time to do any bento for the past 2 days! Blood pressure has been hitting sky high! 😐

Today’s bento is inspired by Susan’s Fishy Sandwich. I bought some dinner rolls yesterday and thought I’ll make some mini burgers with them since I wanted to clear all the frozen patties that I still have. Remembered Susan did one which looked so cute so I just gotta do it! πŸ˜€



I think my fish don’t look as good as Susan’s! πŸ˜› Guessed the problems lies with the cheese. Mine is the regular cheese slices so they are quite soft when it hits room temperature. They get all limpy just after a few minutes. Maybe I should go look for those old cheddar cheese next time as those are firmer and don’t melt easily. The eye is a dried blueberry. Used a heart shaped pick as the red lips.

Since this is Darrius’s lunch, I added a small cup of spaghetti bolognese. There are two octodogs too since I bought a new packet of mini cocktails to try the other day. They have a darker tone as compared to those I have been using Β previously. I wonder why we don’t have those red sausages the Japanese moms have been using??? The red is so vibrant as compared to those we have here… so brown and dull!

Added some broiled broccoli and endamame on skewers too. Found some big and juicy strawberries which turned out to be very sweet as well.

Could you believe it that it will be October tomorrow????!!! In less that 100Β  days we will celebrate another new year!

Ok, that’s all for today my dear bento folks! πŸ˜€


Bento Fun #205 – Cheeky Monkey

Hello all! Hope you had a great weekend!

First of all, thank you to all who has put in their entries for my post #200’s Giveaway. Will sort out all the numbers these two days and make a draw. So stay tuned yah! πŸ˜€

Was extremely tired last weekend doing lots of washing and we discovered my car’s air condition broke down on Sunday morning. Can’t get it fixed since all the workshops are closed so have to wait till just now. Hubby gotta take half day to bring it to the workshop.

We have to wind down the windows this morning when we send Darrius off to kindy. It was still bearable then as it was still early in the morning. However it was so hot when I went to pick him! Luckily Baby G was sleeping so I told my MIL to keep an eye on her at home else she will sure to make noise in the ‘mobile oven’!

Since the car’s air condition broke down I decided not to go for my groceries shopping today thus using up some of my frozen stash for lunch.

Recently Darrius has been referring himself as ‘monkey’. Why so? Well, because he has been behaving like a monkey and I often said that he look just like a monkey! πŸ˜€ He has been asking for a monkey bento and that’s how today’s bento comes about…



I tried making some bananas using egg sheets. I think it I put too much egg in one go so it was a little thick and hard to roll. I put some rice in them so they are puffy and stayed in shape and they look far from bananas! πŸ˜› Then I made onigiri (using soy sauce to make it brownish) to form the monkey and 2 of its hands. The ears are chicken cocktails with cheddar cheese and attached with spaghetti strips. The eyes are cheese with nori punch out. The cheeks are cut out from filamen stick.

There are some cherry tomatoes, chicken cocktail with endamame skewers, meat patties with teriyaki sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds, endamame skewer, broiled broccoli and a strawberry.

Hope you have fun bento-ing! πŸ˜€

Bento Fun #204 – Snack-a-lunch

TGIF everyone! πŸ˜€ The week just swept past in a blink of the eye!

There is still another day to go for the Giveaway so hurry if you have not make your entries yet!

Today is yet another busy day. Darrius developed fever the night before and he threw up almost everything he had for lunch during dinner time so he skipped dinner. Luckily I did not make him any bento else my effort will be wasted! Guess I’ll have to keep him home today.

This bento was actually made on Wednesday which I brought along to Darrius’s school as I need to go to 100Yen to check on their stock and so he can eat on the way. Sadly, there was no new stock. 😦



I still have some prawns left over (after making the Mid Autumn bento the night before) so I fried them together with the meat balls and coated them with some home made terriyaki sauce with sesame. Then I skewered them together. There are some sweet potato sticks in the same cupΒ  from Baby G’s porridge for added nutrition. I boiled some spaghetti and stir-fried them later with the balanced teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with some furikake. There are some boiled broccoli with a tamagoyaki heart, some black seedless grapes and strawberries to complete the box. Darrius really likes the tamagoyaki

Oh yeah, recently I have been dabbling with PhotoShop and has learned a few tricks from my hubby so I can do some ‘graphics’ to enhance my photos. πŸ˜› During my days in the design school, Mac just came around with their new OS and all those designing/graphic software were still in their infancy (like Version 1.0!!!) so I did not get to learn much then (we used to do cut and paste!!!!!). Since I was not in the industry for such a long time, many things has changed but I was lucky I still have some basics and my dear hubby was so determined to learn that he went through many online tutorials! So, he did the hard work while I get to use the short cuts! πŸ˜›

We will be going to town later (hopefully his fever subsides by then) to collect Darrius’s prize from a bank (the organizer) as his ‘masterpiece’ was selected as one of the consolation prize winner. His coloring is ‘horrible’ but I managed to gave him a few tips when he was doing it so it turned out slightly presentable! πŸ˜† We did not tell him yet so he will be surprised later! hehehee

Ok, have a good weekend peeps!

Bento Fun #203 – Chicken Wraps

When I was groceries shopping the other day, I saw some potato tortillas and since I got the ‘ayam percik’ in my basket, why not do some wraps right? I wanted to do more bento using my sandwich boxes as we will be having lots of light food in the future. This was my first time making wraps and Darrius loves them!



This wraps were eaten at home thus I did not cut away the excess to make them fit into the box. The tortilla wraps were pretty big so it can actually yield 3 portions from one wrap. I used the breast meat from the chicken and added some mayo+ketchup spread with some cucumber strips and tomato slices. The lettuce gave a good presentation though! πŸ˜€ I wrapped them with some parchment papers as the mayo will drip out after I put them standing up.

Added some strawberries, a tamagoyaki heart and a packet of Japanese snack to complete the box. Darrius also got a bottle of Vitagen which was not in the photo.

Talking about last night, after anticipating Mid Autumn Festival for about 2 month it has finally came and gone. Was a tad disappointed as last night it rained then drizzled and worst of all, it was so cloudy we can’t even see the big round moon which was supposed to be the roundest! I went to town thinking that there was a lantern parade but was shocked that the place was as dead as the cemetery! Yes, not a soul there! We checked the website a few times and saw there will be an event but was so sad there was none in the end! As this could be our last year celebrating Mid Autumn here, we wanted to give Darrius good memories of how the festival is being celebrated as we might not be here in future MAFs (yeah, we are moving!). πŸ˜€

Anyhoo, it is all over now. Hopefully we will get a chance to celebrate a more elaborate one another time!

Here is a photo of Darrius with his lanterns last night…



We decided to just let him enjoy behind the house after we got back from town. The swordfish lantern was given by a friend of mine. Her dad made this beautiful lantern. There is another for Baby G which is in the shape of geese. The Pooh Bear is store bought which is VERY ANNOYING with loud music!

Added this bento to WFLW at Shannon. Have you added yours yet?

That’s all for now… remember to join the giveaway if you have not done so! πŸ˜€

Bento Fun #202 – Moon Bright-bright

Woohoo! Finally it is mid-week and in another 2 more days its gonna be weekend again!

I think I strained my back last weekend as I have been having back ache which don’t seems to get any better even after so many days. I am having difficulties bending down. Yesterday was a little crazy as I need to clean up the messy house before my MIL is back… πŸ˜› Can anyone tell me a home with an active toddler and a baby be out of mess??? NO WAY right????!!! Anyway, no point for me to clear all the mess as Darrius will mess it up in no time!

Ok, in conjunction with Mid Autumn Festival, which is today, I managed to make a bento last night that signify the big round moon! Initially I told my hubby the bento was meant for him and he gave me a ‘you’re kidding me’ look! Bleah~ He is such a MCP that he felt ‘weird’ bringing a bento to work but I told him that one of these days he will have no choice but to bring a 3 tiers bento box to work! And guess what? This is going to happen sooner than he thought! Very soon lunch will be an expensive affair if he eats out so he can’t run away from bringing his own bento! *wicked smile*

Anyway, back to the Mid Autumn Festival bento. It was a last minute decision actually when the idea of making the ‘Jade Rabbit’ that is associated with the festival. Ok, I’m not going tell the story here but you can read about it from the link above.



I wanted so much to use my cloud cutters that I was glad I got this idea which let me have one big and one small clouds! I used turnip to make these clouds and the rabbit as I bought them for cooking my soup and I actually kept a small portion so I can savor with the ‘rojak‘ sauce I have.

The BIG round moon is orange lunch sheet which nestled between the 2 clouds. The background was a piece of nori to act as ‘night’. I used some grass baran to make a 3-D grass. πŸ˜€ I do not have a rabbit cutter but a bunny head cutter so I joint up a few parts together. The idea in this bento – the rabbit looking up and admiring the round bright moon tonight. πŸ˜›

In the other box are some roasted ‘Ayam Percik’ (a kind of spicy roast chicken) which I bought from the supermarket. Some cucumber slices, pan-fried prawns, a tamagoyaki heart (Darrius loves this!), a few wedges of red plum, some black seedless grapes and a half of strawberry. I added a moon cake ‘just for show’ to represent the festival.

Ok… that’s all for today. We will let Darrius lit his lanterns (yes, he has 5 lanterns!!!!) tonight while we enjoy some moon cakes and tea. It is time for family reunion! Wishing everyone a fun and enjoyable Mid Autumn!


3 more days left for the giveaway… so remember to put in your entries!!!