Bento Fun #218 – Crazy Jack O’ Lanterns

Happy Friday everyone! 😀

This week has been a crazy week for me! Has been busy checking out all the schools and properties around the suburbs we wanted to settle down in so it was a hell of a job. It is not easy since prices of properties are so high in Australia… oops! There you go… yeah, now you know we are moving down under! 😛

You can see now my head grew double in size with all the information over load! I sent out so many emails to so many agents but sadly, only a few replied me. Maybe due to the reason I am not there yet so they don’t take me seriously? I don’t know… or could it be they are damn busy (with Halloween) that they don’t wanna give me a reply! Boo!!! Whatever it is, I will continue to jam their mailboxes! :mrgreen:

Today I managed to make a Halloween theme bento after procrastinating for so long! Each time I wanted to do, there are always somethings that will crop up so I will delay it and wait for another opportunity… and since Halloween is just 2 days away, I have better do it! 😛



Made a very simple one with two crazy looking Jack O Lanterns using steamed sweet potatoes as the main characters. Oh yeah, I finally bought the Gold Fish Bento Box from Bento & Co which were really kawaii!!!! 😀

The crazy Jack O Lanterns (eyes are cheese cut out with nori details) sat on steamed rice topped with seaweed and I sprinkled some bone sprinkles which I found in the baking supplies store I frequent. In the smaller box, there are some pan fried prawns, an egg pocket, broiled broccoli and strawberries. This bento was for me actually… but when Darrius saw it he quickly went to remove the seaweed before I took the photos!!! That was why there were some ‘dents’ on those poor pumpkins…

Oh, if you noticed the BIG Jack O Lantern in the background… it was a GIANT orange my hubby brought back from his office… so instead of painting the pumpkin I did it on the orange…

And here is a photo of my new investment…



Aren’t they super kawaii???? I paid €15.80 for it (not inclusive of shipping) and the most wonderful part is they are really efficient… it arrived within a week! I absolutely LOURVE it!!!! The small fish is sooo super cute and it came with a small side dish and a bento strap too.

I am adding this to WFLW Week 22. Have you added yours yet?

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope you’ll have a fantastic Trick or Treat night!



Bento Fun #217 – Another Chicken Wrap

Hello all ya bento peeps!

Thanks to all your lovely comments in my previous posts. I must apologize that I don’t have the time to reply you as my mind is filled with lots and lots of stuff right now! I am so contemplating to go on hibernation! :mrgreen:

Well, first of all, this house hunting game is NO FUN at all! Why? Because I am not the person paying for it so I have to go by the rules set by the BOSS (my hubby) and there are always conflicts!!!!! It is always – I like but he don’t like and vice-versa. I have been sitting in front of the PC almost every day looking at the real estate page and Google Map so you can imagine that I am really seeing things now… Seeing STARS to be exact!!!!! *bleah~*

It is so tiring… beautiful houses = high price, cheap houses = lousy locations and conditions. *sigh* The worst of all, the BOSS can’t decide where he really wanted to settle down!!!! *bang head* So, you can say I am doing this blindly… what to do… I’m his full time slave! And the baby is not giving me peace either… she cries and cries after being left alone for 1 minute! And now that she wanted to be independent, she will crawl every where! Then *tok* she fell and knocked her head! The only thing I enjoyed now is stuffing myself silly with food I love and which I’ll missed when we have moved. Lots and lots of nasi lemak!!!!! 😛 Itelyu, my body will hates me next time!!!!

Ok, back to bento. I actually made these a while back (ya, still trying to clear all my back logs!)…



This was my lunch for one of the days. I bought some chicken fillets and marinated them with some sauces and pan-fried them till golden brown but the colors were not showing. These are quite similar to my previous Tonkatsu Wraps which has generous portion of lettuce and tomato strips with some mayo+ketchup to spice them up! Gave myself lots of fruits too… orange wedges, grapes and a strawberry. Sharing some bananas (on the background) with Baby G as well…. 😀

I might be on a hiatus but if inspiration do pops up, I’ll make the bento… so wishing everyone a great week ahead and happy bento-ing!

Gotta go back to my house hunting! 😦

Bento Fun #216 – Fairy Chicks Bento

Hello all!

Life has been extremely busy! Now that Darrius’s exam is over I am put on another task… making his school concert costume!!! The teacher told me to dress him up like a Lil’ Amigo (Mexican boy) and I am on the chase to look for the material since I can’t find any costume rental shops here!

That was not all I am stuck with. Hubby has also given me some ‘heavy’ tasks – our relocation! He instructed me to start checking out some freight forwarders to ship our things. This is one thing I hate to do coz it involved a lot of ding-ding-dong-dong! All about $$$! And that was not all! I have to look for a place for us to stay and find Darrius a school too! 😦 I know… that are a lot of stuff to do and with all the birthdays plannings… I am stuffed to the brim! *sob*

Though I have wanted to make bentos but I really have no time. What I have to share today was made last week!!! Yes, I don’t have time to post most of them up!!!



This was one of Darrius’s lunch last week. I bought some chicken strips and pan-fried them after marinating them with some sauce. They were a tad too tough as I fried them a little too long… 😛 Then there was a orange fruit basket filled with green kiwi, strawberry and orange cubes and 2 skewers of endamame. A cup of characters pasta in bolognese sauce and the main – tamagoyaki made into two little chicks! Finally found a way to use my wing picks! hehehe The eyes are nori with some black sesame and the beaks are carrot bits.

That’s all for today. Added this to WFLW over at Shannon’s!

Bento Fun #215 – Happy Lovers Bento

Gosh! The weekend is going to end in a few hours time! It just flew by just like that! So, did I get lots of stuff done? You bet! 😛

I did not do much bento since I was practically swamped with other chores but I managed to pack a bento for Darrius yesterday (Saturday) before we went out to the mall. The hubby has to attend a course from 9-5pm so I decided to bring the kids out on my own (yes…. I brought two MONSTERS out alone for almost 4 hours!) to the mall. Since I don’t know or rather can’t decide what to have for lunch before going out, I thought I’ll just put together a bento for Darrius in case the place I wanted to eat but he’s not keen in the choice of food I ended up with.

Hubby actually bought some fried rice vermicelli from the market in the morning for Darrius so I actually packed some into his box. While doing other house chores, I managed to heat up some other goodies along…



Since it was an impromptu decision, I did not have any ideas when I pack so ended up doing this pair of golden cherry tomatoes ‘lovers’ sitting on top of the fried rice vermicelli or fried beehoon. I made some tamagoyaki the day before so made a heart out of it… again. 😛 Other goodies includes 2 endamame skewers, heart shape chicken nuggets, strawberries, orange wedges and a small lemon jello.

We ended up in Xing Ding Wei, the new Taiwanese restaurant in the mall. It was similar to Fung Lye in The Gardens, Mid Valley in KL. I ordered one of the many sets on the menu…



The pork chop was quite nice with a hunt of wine and very crispy. The juice from the lemon gave an even better flavor! The pork lard rice was another yummy item on the set. However, the best was still that bowl of soup… not sure what soup was that but I spotted fish maw in it! 😀

And here the little monkey munching on his bento…



Hope all of you had a great weekend too! 😀

Bento Fun #214 – The Piggies go Oink! Oink!

Heya everyone! I so miss bento-ing but I really don’t have the time the past few days! Hubby’s maternal grandma was admitted to the hospital last week as she fell and broke her hip and went for the operation over the weekend. Now she is home but is bed ridden. My MIL has been extra busy since she has to take care of her mom now so she asked if I could help to cook for grandma? Of course I extend my help since that was the only thing I could do as I have a back problem now… though it is getting better but I have to be careful so it won’t recur else I’ll be in deep trouble!

Baby G is sprouting her two upper incisors so she has been extra cranky the last few days if not weeks! I totally lost count!!! I hardly get any sleep… aarrggghhh!

I did not do any nice bento the past few days except this morning I did a quick one for Darrius which I did not take any photo. What I have today is something I made the previous week! Yes, I forgot about it when my PC was in ‘sick’ mode last weekend.



I used the dinner roll to make a burger for myself after I made the fish bento for Darrius earlier. I still have some bread crust left from a white loaf so I used it to cut out the piggy’s ears and stuck them on with spaghetti strips. The snout was made of chicken cocktail and secured with a spaghetti strip. The red cheeks were from filamen stick. Eyes are cheese and dried bluberries. The mouth is also cut out from cheese.

The goodies includes some strawberries, endamame skewer and a broiled broccoli. Nothing fancy since it was for me! hehehe However, when Darrius saw it (I left it on the table) he went to clean up everything on the piggy!!! This boy ah!!!! So, I was left with the mini burger only! 😆

Ok, gotta go do the laundry and be a milk bar in a while! Hope all of you have a good night/day ahead! Will try to visit you peeps once Baby G is less clingy!!!!