Bento Fun #222 – Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!

Hi there everyone!!!

This week has been one of the busiest week of my life! 😆 First it was Darrius’s school concert on Tuesday night and then his birthday party at the kindy yesterday morning. I spent 2 days baking and decorating his cakes and was glad all that are over now… 😀

Darrius’s actual birthday is next weekend but we decided to bring the celebration forward as next week he only attend 2 days of classes and on Tuesday (last day of school) is the kindy’s Children’s Day. Since his daddy can only take Friday off so we chose to had it yesterday as we may be going to KL next Friday.

And I must say this is one of the best birthday he had to date (though he had a blasting birthday when he was 2 but he was still oblivious then!!!) 😀 He had so many friends and teachers to celebrate with him which really made him one of the happiest boy yesterday! 😛 He kept telling me he ‘loves’ me when we went to distribute to his other teachers who were in the other classes. I don’t know if I can take his word for it but I do hope he really meant it and know what he is saying!!! 😛

Before we go into the celebration, here is the bento I made for his classmates…



The theme for his birthday this year is Mickey Mouse and Club House. Since bento need to be prepared on the same day (the party was at 10am) so I can only start preparing early in the morning. Can’t do many fancy stuff so I have chosen to do a simple one since I have 19 bento to pack! 😛

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Bento Fun #221 – The Bus goes Beep! Beep!

Good day all! The long weekend just flew past in a blink of the eye… Did not get to do much. The weekend was spent finishing Darrius’s concert costume and some of the stuff for his birthday party later this week. On Saturday night, Darrius caught the fever bugs but was lucky it went away the next day after a few doses of Paracetamol.

This week he only needs to attend 4 days of classes as the school is declaring Wednesday as an off day since they are having the concert tomorrow night. Darrius will not be performing as he refused to participate in any dancing and singing! Initially he was in the choir but after a few rounds, the teacher decided that he is not serious and took him off the team. 😛 See… I have a very playful boy here! 😛

Nevertheless, tomorrow is a big night for him as he won 4 of the competitions organized by the school. He came in top for Mathematics, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. 😀 And this term he got 2nd placing in his class so that will be another achievement. He is going to be really happy tomorrow night since he will be receiving so many prizes! 😀

I prepared a simple bento for him this morning thinking that he will only get a cup of Milo for break…



We went to the Air Itam Dam last evening for some working out and on the way back, we decided to get some buns from a nearby bakery. Found some square bread which looked and taste like chocolate wassant that I bought from Provence Bakery in ION Orchard, Singapore. I decoraded it into a BUS since it is slightly rectangular. I used 2 different types of cheeses, regukar cheese for the windows and cheddar cheese for the wheels.

Also made some ‘candies’ using the chunky chicken cocktails this time. Other goodies in the box is a red cherry tomato, some endamame in silicon cup and grapes.

That’s all for today… Hope you’ll have a great week ahead!

Happy Bento-ing too! 😀

Bento Fun #220 – Ramen & Gyoza Bento

I tried making some gyoza yesterday after purchasing some gyoza molds a while back from 100Yen. I bought one regular size and one mini size which came with a spoon. After trying both, I found the regular size one made prettier looking folds on the gyoza. It sealed the seams better too.

This was my first time making gyoza and I did not really follow the recipe to the dot. I just add in whatever I have. The gyoza skins were also store bought as I don’t have the time to make them myself… not now at least! 😛



This bento was rather simple to do. The ramen was also store bought so all I need to do is to first boil it in hot water for 2 minutes and then transfer to a bowl of cold water to rinse it and transfer it back to the hot water to heat it up. These steps will make the ramen more springy. Once the ramen is cooked, I added some sesame seed oil (taste better with lard!), light soy sauce, black soy sauce and some pepper for the sauce in a bowl and mixed them together. Then I sprinkled some furikake to add extra flavors.

For the goodies side of the box, there are 3 pieces of gyoza, some boiled carrot flowers, a red cherry tomato and some flower shape kiwi slices.

And here is mine made using the smaller mould which is less pretty…



Yes, how can eating gyoza goes without some ginger slivers soaked in black vinegar? hehehee… so very Chinese!!! 😀 This is actually how the Chinese usually eat their dumplings or Xioa Long Bao… accompany with ginger in black vinegar. If you have not tried it before, you should! It tasted really good!

Bento Fun #219 – Rilakkuma Twins

Hello all ya Bento folks out there! Did you all had a great Halloween? Our family do not celebrate so it was just another ordinary day for us… also it was raining on and off on Sunday so it was a wet Halloween here!

Did not make any bento on Monday and only did one for yesterday. Bought a piece of unagi so decided to make a bento out of it.



Wanted to clear all the chicken cocktails too so Darrius was extremely happy he got so many ‘treats’ in the box! 😀 Made Rilakkuma twins out of those chunky cocktails this time. Instead of cutting a slit to slot in the ears, I used some spaghetti strips to attach them. They are sitting on steamed white rice.

In the goodies section, there are some unagi cut into small rectangular shape. There are 2 endamame skewers which I used the kawaii oriental sakura picks made of bamboo that I bought from Bento & Co recently. Love them to bits!!! There is a tamago heart and chicken cocktails candies with paw prints on them. Cherry tomato halves (hidden behind the unagi) and strawberry. Oh yeah (after reading the comment from charsiubao), I used my new silicon lettuce baran/vege cups which was also bought from Bent & Co. These are soooooo useful as I don’t have to stock up on fresh lettuce all the time since they get bad really fast! The set came with 3 pcs of lettuce baran, 3 pcs of lettuce cups and 3pcs of carrot cups. Have been eying them since the day I saw them on some Japanese sites!! 😛

Though it may look a lot but Darrius finished everything in there!

Added this bento to WFLW Week 23 at Shannon’s. Have you added yours yet? 😛