Bento Fun #224 – Santa & Rudolf for Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying the love, peace, joy  and of course the abundance of food during this festive season! Well, though we are not Christians, we are not excluded in the merry making! 😀

I am still very ‘lazy’ after such a long break and thus, hardly update this blog as well as visiting yours! Hopefully, my inspiration will return as the new school year is going to start in a week time! Oh! How wonderful eh? 😛 To be very honest, I have not even unpack my luggage even after I’m back for almost 2 weeks! Can you see how lazy I have got? *blush*

And back to bento business. To commemorate this joyous day, I made Darrius a Santa & Rudolf bento…



Hubby was the cook today and he made some soya sauce chicken. I only have to put all the items together. Santa is made of 2 colors rice which the face was added with some rice coloring… a gift from a bento pal. 🙂 Finally, they have them here in Penang! The beard was made with just white rice and the santa hat made of filamen stick. Rudolf is made of steamed meat balls and his BIG RED NOSE is a fresh cranberry! I bought a pack which I intend to cook cranberry sauce these few days. Wanna make my own Ikea meatballs!!!

Rudolf eyes are from filamen stick and his and Santa’s cheeks are kamaboko. There are some orange wedges, strawberries as well as some broccoli that are made into a Christmas tree. There are also some snowflakes cut from broccoli stem… cool eh?

And here is how the rice coloring looks like…



Looking forward to experiment with the other colors too once I get back my inspiration!

I am adding this bento for WFLW Week 30 at Shannon’s and December B.O.M.B at Hapa Bento.

Meantime, wishing everyone a great week ahead and Happy New Year!!


Merry Christmas Bento Friends!

To all my Dear Bento Friends, Wishing all of you a Blessed Christmas and a Jolly Happy New Year!



The bento mojo has not returned so still no bento posts yet!!! *o*

Anyway, hope all of you have fun this jolly season!

Bento Fun #223 – Hearty Donburi

Hello all my Bento Friends!

My apologies for MIA (missing in action) close to a whole month! 😛

We were away at my parents’ place in Kuala Lumpur for 3 weeks as hubby needs to go for his year end business trips. Since there are no other adults with us during hubby’s trips we decided to go to KL to spend time with my side of the family. After all it was year end school holiday!

I have been missing all of you but my busy schedules in KL really don’t allow me to do any stuff except taking care of the kids! We were out practically the whole time we were there! And yes, I finally gathered enough courage to drive alone with the kids all over KL! This time, we visited almost all the places I knew how to go more than once! 😛

So, when we got back to Penang, there were nothing much left in the fridge and because I was struck with one of the worst food poisoning episode the day before we are travelling back, I have to delayed going for grocery shopping.

Here is something I whipped up after I rummaged through my fridge and food cabinets… hearty don…



Though I have other can food in the food cabinets I finally chose having bake beans as Darrius needs something saucy to go with his rice. Found some eggs in the fridge so made some tamagoyaki added with some seaweeds and furikake. Fried some chicken nuggets since we have not have that for a long time. There were no green at all so I slotted the green peppers baran to give the color! 😀

This weekend is going to be a busy one too so I won’t be making any bento but hopefully next week I can do some Christmas theme bento as I am the only one who has yet to do anything on this to date!!!!

Wishing you a great weekend ahead! Happy Bento-ing! 😀