Bento Fun #251 – Grouchy Burger Bento


Can you believe it that today is the last day of February!!!! Time certainly flies!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes and I must say I had a wonderful time spending it with my little family. 😀 The day went smoothly with the kids behaving quite well. We had a yummylicious BBQ Seafood buffet at G Hotel and my dearest hubby gave me some really cool birthday pressies. 😛 Among them, he gave me an iPad… which he and Darrius played with most of the time! 😆

This week will be a hectic one for me as hubby is away away on biz trips and I am left to handle my two monkeys alone. Though my MIL will be around at night but it will not be the same since she don’t really ‘help’ much besides giving me more things to do (*o* ).

So, this morning I made this bento…



Bought some wholemeal buns over the weekend and thought I should finish them up. I cut the bread into two and snip a small slice out so the size will maintain when I put in the filling. Instead of burger patties, I used a chicken nugget with cheese, tomato and lettuce as the filling. Added cheese eyes with nori details.

For the sides, there are two skewers of blueberries, strawberries and a yellow cherry tomato.

That’s all for today. Happy Bento-ing~


Bento Fun #250 – Lunch Punch Choo-Chooo Bento

Good’ay All!

Yesterday after I posted my Puzzled Lovers Bento, I got an unexpected ‘reader’ popping by this humble blog of mine and told me she was very happy with my work using her products. I was totally flattered by all her compliments and there were a little surprise at the end even! 😀 Her lovely words sent me to cloud nine literally!! Thank you Kristen!!! 😀 And today, being a special day for me I am doing a bento using another set of these lovely punches…



Besides the jigsaw puzzle set of Lunch Punch, I also bought the transport set since my Darrius is obsessed with trains (before the arrival of Angry Birds!!!!) He even requested for another Thomas birthday cake for his birthday this year but I told him we’ve done that 2 years ago so we should do something else… you’ll guess the answer what he wanted next!

Today is your truly’s birthday, so the bento is actually a train pulling a carriage carrying a cupcake! (Darrius said he will get me a cake and flowers – like real eh???!!!) The train was a cheese sammy sprayed with Blue Color Mist from Wilton (Darrius loves those color mist!!!). Made some windows using cheese cut into squares. I put a boy pick but too small to see!!! The wheels are chicken cocktail fastened with some spaghetti stripes and covered with nori. The cupcake was bread onigiri filled with cheese bits which I cut into half and affixed a strawberry heart on top. Wanted to paste some M&Ms on it but probably it will melt before Darrius open the box so decided not to!

The sides are some blanched broccoli, strawberry, meat balls in teriyaki sauce, some edamame pods and half a portion of corn on cob. Made a sausage sun too to brighten the bento. Darrius pointed out to me that I have forgotten to put the number! *o* Only have 30 minutes to finish the bento so I actually left out some details like the NO.1 for Thomas!!! Next time boy!

And here is the above mentioned Lunch Punch transport puncher set…



Thats all for today. TGIF and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

And HAPPY SWEET 16th to ME! :mrgreen:

Bento Fun #249 – Lunch Punch Puzzled Lovers Bento

Hello everyone!

If you surf around recently, you would have seen a lot of bento-ers purchasing the fun Lunch Punch sets especially the jigsaw puzzle ones. My friend Yvonne, told me there were a surge in orders after I posted my jigsaw bento a few months back. And I found out a lot of my bento friends bought that set alone. 😛 Then Bento Craft also brought in the punches so more people are buying too! Those folks at Lunch Punch should thank me eh? 😛

Some of my friends jokingly scolded me for setting the trend as they can’t resist after seeing my bento and purchased some of the sets too! My bad! 😆 But if the kids are happily eating away all those cute sammies, the mommies should be happy too right???

Actually, I highly recommend these punches as they are really sharp and can cut out the shapes nicely and effortlessly… if you know the tricks of punching them correctly. 😀

So, to join in the fun, I came out with another bento…



I was supposed to make 2 lovers hugging each other but did not noticed the eyebrow of the ‘guy’ looked a little fierce after taking the photo until Darrius pointed out to me that ‘he’ looked like a bad (sounded like BAT) man! hahahaha I was puzzled thinking why ‘BAT Man’ and asked him so he spelled it out for me… BAD MAN! hahahaha

It was a cheese sammies (using a regular bread and the bread crust for contrast) and punch with the 2 piece jigsaw set. Then I cut out the cheese hands with another cutter set. The 2 red dots were actually bread sprayed with red color spray since I forgot to thaw the filamen stick. There are some strawberries, cherry tomatoes and a bar of nougat as treat.

So, there you go and wishing you a happy bento day ahead! 😀

Bento Fun #248 – Chocolate Mantou Bento

Yesterday evening while I was busy mopping the floor (a chore that I don’t normally do), something gory (read – NOT glorious!!!) happened. My ever so mischievous baby pulled out her cloth diaper and played (or maybe tasted!!!!) her little chocolate brownies!!!!! Eeeeeewwwww!!!! Itelyu, I really hate it when things like this happens! Only we, the mothers will do the cleaning as everyone will run far far away!!!! 😐

*sigh* Life of a mom!

I was supposed to keep another two slices of the milk loaf for today but last night Darrius said he was hungry so I gave them to him so I was left with nothing to pack for him this morning until I checked the freezer that I have bought a packet of chocolate mantou a few days back. And so, he has mantou for today…



I always like the chocolate swirl on this mantou and it tasted really soft and nice too. For the sides, he gets a steamed broccoli floret, some edamame, a cocktail candy and half a yellow cherry tomato.

If you have noticed, there are some new lettuce and leaf barans in this bento which I received from Bento & Co yesterday. They were really cool and I guess from now on, if I can’t get fresh lettuce I can always use all these silicon ones which are more economical too! 😆



The folks at Bento & Co are really efficient. They even work on a Sunday! Thanks Thomas for all your help! 😀

Wishing all you bento folks a great day ahead! 😀

Bento Fun #247 – Faces of Pooh

Good Day all!

The weather in Penang is still very humid and that makes the body lazy! It is really a mood damper! Even in the early morning I’ve already started to sweat buckets! It is such a weird thing to have the fan blasting at 6+ in the morning. 😐

So, today bento is still very much the same… have to finish up the milk loaf and the light yellow color of the bread called for the making of Pooh Bear…



I bought the Pooh puncher sometime back and finally got a chance to use it! Can’t remember when I bought it but I knew it was very looooooooooong ago! 😆 Today, Darrius has 2 sets of cheese sammies with 2 different Pooh’s expressions. Goodies in the box includes Mandarin orange wedges, cherry tomatoes, a Hanuta Mini, a gold coin and some blueberry skewers.

Oh yea, did you notice something different with the blog’s header today?? Finally I got it ‘beautified’ after procrastinating for a loooooooooong time! See, I am such a procrastinator! 😛 Though it was not the best header but it does make it look more bento-ish! 😆

That’s all for today… have fun bento-ing! 😀