Bento Fun #288 – Cat after the Fishes Bento

Hi there all!

I can’t believe that today is already Thursday! Yippeee! Can’t wait for weekend where I can sleep in late just for a little. I’ve finally weaned Baby G off the boobies but she still cry during the night for don’t know what reasons. She did not ask for the boobs so I am not offering her either. Just have to pat her back to sleep and just hope one day she will sleep through! 🙂

There was no inspiration at all this morning. I just bring all the stuff out onto the kitchen counter and only decide there and then that I’ll do a cat and some fishes…



Bought 2 loaves of bread the other day, a white and a chocolate bread. Yeah, I can be a little crazy sometimes. The thing is, Baby likes white bread and Darrius wanted chocolate bread so no choice… Most importantly, they are eating right? 😀

I used a big round cutter to cut the cat out of 2 slices of white bread spread with some strawberry jam and trimmed the top with the same cutter. The shape was inspired by this book. I added the eye patch with the chocolate bread to have some colors. The 2 fishes are cut out from a wiener/frankfurter. Facial details are cheese and nori. The scales on the fishes were not too clear probably because I did not boil them long enough.

The side dishes are some broiled broccoli, a strawberry, a yellow cherry tomato and some edamame skewers.

I rarely make any kitties (since Darrius refused to have Hello Kitty!!!) bento and so far I think I have only made one about 3 months back.

Guessed that’s all for today! Hope all of you have a wonderful day ahead!


Bento Fun #287 – Cheerful Onigiri Bento

Good Afternoon all!

It has been really hot here and I am hoping it will rain a little. Then again, the sun is good too since I have never ending loads of laundry to clear! I have been washing since the day I came back but the bucket always gets full the moment I look at it! *weird*

Today, Baby nap late in the morning and Darrius was not hungry when he got back from school so I decided to make a bento since I have a little time on hand. Have not been packing any lunch bento for a while since the last one which was for the Dutch Lady Contest a while back. Did not do anything fancy… just 2 triangle onigiri with some happy smiles!



Besides the onigiri, there is a Lemon Salt Chicken Kebab which I made a while back that has been frozen for convenience. A few rectangular pieces of French beans with shredded carrot egg omelette, a yellow cherry tomato and half a strawberry.

That’s all for now and I hope you’ll have a good day ahead! 😀

Bento Fun #286 – Happy Panda Bento

Good Monday to all!

One week just zoomed by and our last minute trip to KL came to and end when we drove home last Friday. It was a good trip as we get to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad at a new Spanish restaurant in Damansara. Though the food was nothing to shout about but we had good company and the kids enjoyed eating and playing while the adults get to catch up.

As my hubby needs to be away (he flew off on Saturday evening) I decided not to cook too often while he is away (lazy bones!). There are just too much to do around the house and I need to do some updating and sorting of all our photos from our US trip and KL trip. I have been doing loads and loads of laundry too so that basically suck up all my time… no including managing the kids on my own! Also, need to de-clutter the store room and all my junks and prepare for the packing too! Arrgghh! What a daunting job!

Yesterday I brought the kids to attend Sunday School at one of my friend’s church and proceeded to Queensbay Mall for lunch since it was a hot day… must dine in aircon place! 😛 We can’t decide what to eat so I bought a packet of milk buns for baby to keep her quiet. At the end we decided to have Thai food and we are left with half the packet of the buns which I am using for today’s bento…



I stuffed the bun with some cheese and decorated the facial details with the crust of the charcoal loaf which I bought from Lavender Bakery in Pavilion the night before I left. I so miss Lavender as their breads and buns are so soft and yummy! Wonder when will they open a branch here??! I only added a red cherry tomato and a few wedges of orange since I did not stock up on a lot of stuff.

That’s all for today and I hope everyone is back on to the routine with a smile! 😀

Bento Fun #285 – Peeping Piggies

TGIF my bento peeps!

So glad it is Friday! 🙂 Been spending most of my time packing for our trip and also trying to finish up whatever food we have. Went to Sunshine Far Lim yesterday to get some Penang ‘tau sah pheah’ (bean paste biscuit – a local delicacy) for my friends and saw those butter rolls at the bakery so bought a pack! Just love the buttery taste.

And I made a bento for Darrius this morning using one of them…



Found some chunky cocktails so decided to finish them up as well. Made 2 piggies out of them. There are some tomogayaki which I cooked for dinner the night before and I kept 2 pieces for today’s bento since Darrius loves them. There are some cherry tomatoes and some blueberry skewers.

That’s all for today and there will not be any bento next week since we’ll be away.

Wishing all of you a great weekend ahead! 🙂

Bento Fun #284 – Friends of the Zoo Bento

Heeeelloooo all!

It is Thursday already! So glad the week just breezed past in a blink of the eye.

This morning Darrius can’t wake up again and told me he don’t want to go to school cause he wanted to sleep! -_- It is the same battle everyday… So, when I told his teacher when I dropped him off at school, his teacher told me he gave a different answer when she asked him if he wants to go to school or not! He will quickly replied that he loves going to school! *bleah~*

Looks like my boy has very good acting skills… 😆

Anyway, this morning I woke up early since I can’t sleep after baby woke me up around 4am so I spent some time preparing Darrius’s bento. Decided to make some zoo friends with the balance bread that I have…



Made a round double deck sammy spread with some strawberry jam and topped with 2 types of cheeses to make the lion and 3 smaller double deck sammies for the monkeys. There are some cherry tomatoes, blueberry skewers, half a red grape and some edamame to fill up the box.

The box was a little big since I don’t have that much stuff to fill but I was too late to look for another right size box since I took quite a bit of time doing the monkeys’ facial details. If you’ve noticed, I am using another new zoo baran which I got from J-Mama some time back. Still trying to figure out how to use them. 😛

That’s all for today and hope all of you have fun bento-ing!