Bento Contest @ {Kid} Independent

Hello everyone! How was your weekend so far? I do hope all of you are having a good one…

Anyway, I was prompted by a friend from Australia about a Creative Lunch Box Competition held over @ {Kid} Independent, a site which was set up by a group of creative folks who are into handmade stuff.

The contest is running now till 31th of July so you still have 2 more weeks to make a bento and send to them! There are a lot of attractive prizes to be won too!


“Your challenge is to design and assemble a creative lunch box that is fun, imaginative and tasty. I’ve included some images here to give you some inspiration and a rough idea of what we are looking for. Once you’ve finished your lunch box, please take a clear photograph andemail it to us before 31 July, 2011. We will pick our favourite lunch box {in consultation with Andrea from Kawaii Kids, our fabulous prize sponsor} and publish both the winning creation and all the other fabulous entries on the blog in early August.

Now, for the details of the wonderful prize! The winning entry will score a Big Bento Basket from Kawaii Kids containing two bento boxes, snack boxes, and cutlery. You’ll also receive a {KID} independent bento accessories pack containing a selection of cutters, molds, food cups and accessories. Boy, that’s a whole lot of lunch box fun!”


So, What are you waiting for??? Go brainstorm and come up with your most creative bento now! 😀

All the best folks!!!


Bento Fun #293 – Simple French Toast Day Bento

Good Morning and Happy Weekend to all!

I was tied up with something yesterday until I have forgotten to post up the bento I’ve packed for Darrius. The past few days I have been lazy too so did not pack any kyaraben for Darrius…. only some cereals and Raspberry puffs from M&S.

The fridge has been stuffed to the brim with a few packs of stale bread so I have better use them up so decided to make some French Toasts out of them.



Darrius loves French Toast but I always so lazy to make them. I packed 5 triangles for him and added a small tub of grape jelly in that Pooh sauce container in case he wanted to have something sweet to spread on. A small bunch of red seedless grapes and a bar of Nougat as the dessert and treat. 😀

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend!

Bento Fun #292 – Green Spots Dino Bento

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I was extremely tired this morning and I totally have no mood to pack any bento. Probably because I scrubbed the toilet and bathroom last evening that caused the laziness! 😛

Though I woke up early, there has been no inspiration at all. Looking at the yellow bread (yes, there are still a few slices) I have to think of something to do with them! Had wanted to make a giraffe but I forgot to prepare the sketch so no time to do and I resorted to using a short cut by opening my new DynoBytes cutter!



This cutter was the only bento related item I bought from my recent US trip. The quality of this cutter is quite good… pretty similar to The Lunch Punch cutters that I have. Each time the cutter can yield 2 different dinosaurs shapes so I just choose one of the designs for today’s bento. The other I kept for baby.



It was a apricot jam dino sammy. The green spots are cut out from green lunch sheets. There are 2 strawberries, an orange cherry tomato edamame skewers, a sausage flower and a small piece of chocolate chip mint Swissroll which hubby’s aunt brought over the other night. It was all because of the cake that Darrius requested for a bento.

That’s all for today. Hope you’ll have a wonderful day!

Bento Fun #291 – The Angry Birds Challenge Bento!

Good Morning to all!

So fast we are entering the 2nd week of July! There are a lot of happenings this month and next so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can still make bento for the weeks ahead. We celebrated my hubby’s birthday last week (that was why no bento on Friday) and I got a little lazy after that! 😛

Last Saturday was the Penang’s Governor’s birthday so some companies here will have a replacement off day today. A bento pal went to KL last Friday (maybe she wanted to join the rally???!!!) and brought some breads from one of my favorite bakery… Lavender! She got me the carrot bread (in yellow) and charcoal bread as well. These are the two types I will normally buy too besides the green tea bread. Thanks dear! 😀

And when you have all these colors combination… what to do with them???



ANGRY BIRDS of course!!! 😆

Many bento pals have made Angry Birds bento except me! My Darrius is one of the biggest fan of this iPhone/iPad/iPod/Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Chrome game! Yes, we have all the versions (plus gadgets!!!) as hubby is also a HUGE fancee! 😆 In fact I quite like the latest Angry Birds Seasons version as the graphics are cuter and the musics are nicer.

So, I cut the yellow bird with my small triangular food cup (the same as the onigiri) and spread some mayo to stack them up. Then using my mid round cutter, I cut the charcoal bread for the black bird. And I was so lucky to find a huge strawberry that has the shape of the red bird! 😀  The facial details are cheese, nori and also the crust of charcoal bread with the beaks cut out from lunch sheet. The pig was cut out from lunch sheet too and stuck on a piece of charcoal bread. Those red eye brows are sprayed with red Wilton Color Mist.

To fill up the box, I added an orange cherry tomato, some broiled broccoli and some red seedless grapes. Viola!

I knew this will take a long time (spent 1 hour!!!!) and that was why I have been procrastinating from the beginning. Darrius asked ‘where is the blue bird???’ Well, I told him I don’t have time!!! Was lucky today hubby is off so he helped to send Darrius off. 😀

Darrius likes the blue and the green bird so I will see when I can get that one out… else he will not leave me in peace! 😆

That’s all for today and wishing all of you a great week ahead! 😀

An Unexpected Reward

Though I did not win the contest but I was rewarded. 😀

If any of you remembered about the Dutch Lady ‘What’s in Your Meal Container’ Contest I took part a while back… where I was pimping for votes… well, I was not among the top 20 who got the highest ‘Like’ so I was out of the league…. technically.

Many people said the way of judging of the contest was unfair since not everyone has that many contacts in their Facebook accounts so there could be riggings involved where those unscrupulous will create ‘ghost’ accounts to vote for themselves. Well, well..

When the voting period ended, I already knew I was out of the league but I do hope the organizer’s internal judging system will make a fair pick. If you must know, some of the ‘qualified’ entries were actually copy-cat pieces.

On my last day in Los Angeles, I received an email from Dutch Lady informing me that one of my entry won their Special Award – in the creativity section. Believe me, I was on cloud nine! Even though I did not get to win the 1st prize (I know I can if I got enough votes!) I am happy that my efforts were being recognized. The truth is, this Special Award was created after all the complains about the unfairness in the judging system.

Whatever it is, I am happy when this came in my mail box last week…



I would have loved to win the 1st prize (RM3000 with 2 months of milk supply) but I am still happy to get something in the end though I am not the top 3 because I put in my best… to pimp for votes! 😆 Those who got in mostly have more than 600+ votes and I have less than 500 contacts in both my accounts (personal and BentoFun) so even everyone voted for me, I still won’t get in! 😛