Bento Fun #299 – Mini Croissant with Ham Bento

Happy Friday everyone!

So glad that the week is finally coming to an end. This week has been terrible. I woke up late for 3 days out of the 5 days! O.o Β I did not make any bento this morning as I was… well, late again! πŸ˜› I just packed Darrius a Uncle Toby’s cereal bar and some pretzel sticks.

This is a bento I made a few days back…



Got some mini croissants from KL and thought I should finish them up together with the ham that hubby asked me to thaw which he forgot to eat. Just added some cherry tomato slice and lettuce with another orange cherru tomato, strawberries and orange wedges as the sides. Yet another speedy bento! πŸ˜€

That’s all for today and I hope all of you will have a great day and weekend ahead!


Bento Fun #298 – Another Simple Mini Pocket Sammies Bento

Hi All!

Life has been a little too unpleasant over the past weeks. Lots of bad news. Can’t wait for all of them to pass on…

As usual, all the happenings sort of dampen my mood, especially after the KL trip and yesterday afternoon’s diagnosis. Never knew that a simple eye infection can turn so dangerously if I had not noticed it earlier. I am glad I managed to detect it now rather than later as I could have lose my sight! o.O

I made this bento on Monday but did not have time to post it up due to all the unforeseen happenings that has taken place.



It was yet another speedy bento since there has been not much inspirations of late. Hubby bought some leg ham but he forgot to eat so I decided to pack some for Darrius. These are mini pocket ham & cheese sammies which is Darrius’s favorite. Had wanted to toast them but was running late so just make do.

Added some strawberries and orange wedges for the vibrant colors to brighten up the dull bento. πŸ˜€

Hope you had a better day than me!

Bento Fun #297 – Double Cheese Sammies Bento

Hello all~

We made a short trip back to KL last Thursday afternoon after picking Darrius up from school as hubby was asked to go to his KL office on a very short notice. I was glad we made it to KL unscathed as something horribly wrong happened along the way! Our car went dead out of a sudden and stalled in the middle of the highway in the middle of no where! It was one of the scariest experience we had ever had!! 😐

Our car got towed to some very deserted place and we were stuck there for almost 3 hours. We were under the mercy of the workshop that repaired our car and after RM600+ poorer, we managed to drive off! Just thinking about the incident made my hair stand! *shiver*

On that fateful morning, I made a simple bento for Darrius since we has yet to confirm on our trip. I gave him more food as I am not sure if we will have time to get any lunch…



There are still a few slices of bread so I decided to finish them off since we might be away. I woke up late as hubby decided to work from home that day and so no one woke me up! Thus, I was late and jumped out of bed at almost 7am! I normally wake up at 6.30am if I am preparing bento.

I’ve made such bento a couple of times but never post them up due to laziness… but thought I should since I can classify it as a type of speedy bento! πŸ˜€

Since I am cutting the sammies into 4 sections but used only 3, I decided to use the chocolate box which came with a good ‘height’ so my sammies won’t get squashed on the top. I alternate the sammies in such position to create a design where I can put the ‘sides’ which are the fruits to create colors too.

It is easy and simple to do and yet look fabulous. So, who says all non-kyaraben bento are not nice???!! πŸ˜› Simplicity has it beauty too! *rolled eyes*

Bento Fun #296 – Fly Away Ladybugs Bento

Hello everyone~

My mood is not getting any better but I’ll try not to think too much too. My dad just went through another minor operation and we hope that after this he will be on the road to recovery. He is on bed rest and still needed to be on drips and will take a few more days before he is fit to be discharged. All of us hope that he will not have to be re-admitted again. *praying hard*

I made some mini pocket sammies for Darrius the other day but can’t find the time to post them up so here you go…



Using the remaining fish sausage, I made these ladybugs which was again inspired by the Japanese mamas. Can’t remember where I’ve seen them before (blogs) but it has to be from the few popular Japanese bento mamas. πŸ˜€ I layered the fish sausage with nori and used some black sesames for the trails.

The mini pocket sammies were filled with mayo and meat floss. There’s a strawberry, some blueberry skewers and an orange cherry tomato as sides.

That’s all for today and I might have to go on a road trip later today so no bento till next week! πŸ™‚

Bento Fun #295 – The Blue Bird Bento

Hi All!

Life has not been that rosy lately. My dad has to be re-admitted to the hospital due to some complications after his major operation 3 weeks back. He went in a healthy man and now he looks so frail and tired. 😦 It was devastating seeing his current condition. What makes the matter worst is, the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with him and why he is still having high fever and all those complications! 😦 Being so far away and can’t render any assistance to my mom and brother in taking care of my dad, made me feeling so helpless and useless. *sob* Can’t wait for this ordeal to be over soon.

Therefore, I have not been packing much bento too due to my lousy mood as well as the crazy schedules with my SIL and family visit.

I made another of the Angry Birds bento for Darrius earlier this week upon his request a while back for the remaining birds which I have not done.



Blue Bird was made with cheese sprayed with Wilton’s Blue Color Mist and all the other details are cheese, nori and lunch sheet. Blue Bird sat on a mayo sammy. There are some strawberries, blueberries, orange cherry tomato as well as some bloody orange wedges.

That’s all for today and I hope you’ll have a much better day than me!

Happy Bento-ing!