On a Extended Hiatus

Hello everyone!

I guessed some of you must be wondering why there has not be a single bento post from me for the past week? Well, the truth is… I am expecting my #3 and the nausea has sort of sets in!

This is an unplanned pregnancy so all my plans have been turned up-side-down! There are so much to do during this part of the year (Darrius’s kindy concert, final exam and the kids’ birthdays!) which I can foresee some of the things which I have planned to be KIV or aborted… 😦

Also, we have made the BIG decision to move DownUnder to have the baby so that means, we only left with just 3 months here to pack up! I don’t know if I can cope with all the big things coming but looks like I don’t have much of a choice!

I have somehow started packing up all my bento tools (my most prized procession) so there will be limited bento or no bento at all till we settled down DownUnder next year! 🙂


Long Hiatus

Hello all! It has been weeks since I make any bento. Life has been busy, busy, busy! Lots of happenings too!

The week before the Hari Raya/National Day/School holiday, Darrius did not want any bento as his school is serving the ‘multi cultural’ tea break where each day the kids were served a different type of food of different ethnic. This is such a fun idea as the kids get to learn about the different food. There was a day where they served nasi lemak and the kids were required to eat with their hands!

I did not ask Darrius too much about it since I was too busy with my own stuff (doing lots of cleaning up since we need to go to KL for that week long holiday) but he was happy about the special menu offered. Too bad it was only a one time thing.

We are still in KL and will be back this weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll be back to pack bento but I’ll try…

Hope all of you are enjoying your holiday and happy bentoing for those who are not from Malaysia!