Finally packed and shipped!

Hello all my bento friends!

The year is coming to an end and that means our days in Malaysia is getting shorter too! While everyone is busy doing their Christmas shopping, we spent our time packing so that we can ship all over stuff over so that they will arrived when we are there early next year.

We thanked God for getting a place during my hubby’s last trip down which make everything easier. At least we have an address to ship our stuff too! We just can’t believe that we have that much junks! In total we have 46 boxes (big and small) which came up to almost 6 cubic meter!!! And we only have a week to pack! I was really proud of myself since I was still not feeling on top of the world yet as morning sickness still come and go! Yes, at almost mid of 2nd trimester!!!

Anyway, I am so glad we can take our mind off the packing now and just concentrate on the final stuff we need to do before our departure.