Bento Fun #314 – Grilled Chicken Sushi

Hello everyone!

Life has been busy, busy, busy!! I am still packing bento but not any cutesy ones as I really don’t have the time for it since hubby started work. I just pack simple stuff for Darrius now… usually some simple sammies or just some simple snacks or the regular hot lunches.

He has been asking for sushi as it is easier for him to eat, I guessed so most time I just make simple sushi rolls for him.



In the box are some grilled chicken sushi with a meatball, half a hard boiled egg, a cherry tomato, a few slices of purple carrot and some snow peas. In another box are some strawberries and nectarines wedges.


*Taking up music lessons*

Darrius’s Term 1 will end tomorrow and till now, we have yet to decide if we should send him for any music lessons. Previously he told us he likes piano then changed his mind to violin and recently he told us he wants to learn trumpet!!!

I don’t think our neighbors will like to have noisy trumpet! I think playing the piano or even the guitar is a much better choice… at least it is less noisy compared to a trumpet! 😆

Anyway, it is too soon to decide, I guessed since he can’t make up his mind. We’ll probably bring him to the music store to see what he will like. Who knows if he will change his mind to play the piano/organ after seeing all those Keyboard Accessories???

Bento Fun #313 – Sushi Rolls & Mushipan

Hello all!

Life has been really busy since hubby started work. I have to manage the 2 kids on my own as well as running most of the errands at home and not to mention cooking many meals a day! As I has just about 1.5 months to go, I really feel like I am running out of time…

Oh well, I just hope everything will turn out fine…

This was a bento I made yesterday. As requested by Darrius and it is easier for him to have sushi rolls too since it is less messy than packing rice with dishes.



I made him some tamagoyaki with pan fried pork loin sushi rolls with some tamagoyaki rolls as well. Added some mayo into the tamagoyaki so it tasted really yummy. There are some strawberries for Vit C as well as 1 Japanese steamed banana cupcake or mushipan (Japanese tea-cake) for dessert which I made the night before.

Have to rush off to his school right after that as he was nominated to receive an award during the morning assembly. He has been doing very well in school and adapting pretty well too. So glad we have chosen the right school for him. 🙂

*It don’t feel like autumn*

Officially it is autumn now but the erratic weather here in Melbourne does not seems like it at all. We still get hot sun for the past few days… so hot that the laundry can dries up within an hour or so. It’s certainly don’t look or feel like autumn at all!

Each time I goes out to hand the laundry, I will be very worried of the hot sun. First, it gets me all giddy and secondly, I am afraid of the UV. I have a cowboy hat but it is not big enough to cover me. I have been meaning to get myself some Ladies Hats which has a bigger coverage so I won’t have to expose too much to the sun.

Guess I should start shopping soon!

Bento Fun #312 – Little Kawaii Onigiri Bento

Good Morning peeps!

Yesterday was Labor Day in Victoria so it was a public holiday here. The long weekend passed real fast but we managed to enjoyed with some outdoor fun. We went up to Mornington Peninsula on Saturday and managed to go strawberry picking at one of the farms… and the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously! After which, we popped by the beach to admire the beauty of nature… *priceless*! Then it was B-B-Q in the park yesterday with some relatives and friends… and again, the kids had so much fun playing at the adjacent playground. 😀

There was just too much food yesterday and we have to bring home of the food. Even the chicken wings I brought along had no chance to be grilled so I cooked them last night and let hubby and Darrius have them in their bento.



Darrius seems to like bringing sushi rolls so I thought I’ll give him some onigiri for a change and see if he likes it. Gave him a chicken drummet, some tamagoyaki with steamed broccoli and a Roma tomato. In the other smaller box were some strawberries which we picked last Saturday and some blueberries too for his snack.

That’s all for today… hope you’ll have a good day and Happy Bento-ing! 😀