Bento Fun #316 – Fish Sticks with Bread Skewers

Hello all!

I am already in my 2nd week of my one month ‘jail term’ and I just can’t wait for it to end! Just can’t endure the itchy head since I am not allowed to wash my hair so frequently during this period. The weather has been really cold down here so was wondering why my head gets itchy so fast???!!!! It started to itch just the next day after I washed it! gggrrrrr!!!

Okie, back to bento. I did not pack any fancy bento for Darrius now since I am not supposed to have contact with water so often so what I have here was something I packed for him just before I delivered my 3rd baby…



Made two skewers of cheese with bread for him and fried some fish sticks too. Darrius loves these fish sticks but I doubt they will stay crispy when he eats them during his break. Anyone has any ideas how to keep them crispy???

Added some juicy strawberries which I bought from the market at $2/500gm. There are some really crunchy Red Globe grapes too which was selling at only $1.68/kg.


Bento Fun #315 – Ham Wrap Bento

Term 1 ended last week and Darrius is having his 2 weeks of holiday before the start of Term 2. And this week is the Easter Week so most of the people here are on a long weekend…

I did not make any bento since Darrius is off school so I am posting the last bento I made last week which I did not manage to post up…



Made a speedy and simple ham wrap for him which consist of ham, slices of tomato, cheese and lettuce. For the sides, he got a plum, strawberries and of course some Easter egg chocs! 😀

Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter!