On a baking spree

Hello everyone~

The weather here is getting really cold as it is the peak of winter now. Not sure how long would that be but I know the cold weather will stay till at least mid of August. All the food I cooked will be freezing cold in minutes once I took them off the stove or oven! Each time we have to reheat our food in the microwave oven if we don’t consume within 15 minutes. Yes, it was that fast!

Darrius is bored with the few warm food I used to pack for him so I’ve started doing some baking in the past weeks. NO, I don’t have time to make nice cupcakes yet (which required so much more time!) but have been happy to find some really simple and fast to make muffins recipes to start my engine with. 😀

Here are some of the muffins I’ve been churning out…



All the muffins have been going into Darrius’s lunch boxes with some other pre-packed snacks. No point making sandwiches now as they will turn icy-cold during lunch time unless I make fresh and deliver to Darrius just before lunch break! Very unlikely since I have a baby now 😛

Anyway, he is happy with the new ‘menu’ and we’ll see how long before he gets sick and tired with mommy’s baking 😛

If you are out of ideas on what to put in your kids’ lunch boxes, maybe you can bake them some muffins too… they are so easy… just mix everything together and bake them! You can get some of the recipes from my recipes blog if you want!

Hope you have a great week ahead!


Our Lil’ Dragon Girl

Hello my bento friends!

My sincere apology for not posting much on bento for such a long time. Reason is, my baby came 3 weeks early and thus, I have not been packing cutesy bento even before I popped. The bulging tummy was a little distracting at the counter so I just pack Darrius speedy bento most of the time.

And now, I would like to introduce my Lil’ Dragon girl…



Baby Erinne came on the early morning of 17th of April… which means she is 6 weeks old now. How time flies! 😀

The photo above was taken a day before her Fullmoon. She has since grew a lot more. Her birth weight was only 2.97kg… which is 500g lighter than both her older siblings so she is our smallest baby. However, she did not take long to chase up… she is already 4kg on her last check over the weekend.

Life has been extremely busy as my parents who came over to help with my confinement left last week. Now I have to deal with all 3 kids alone so it was pretty taxing!!! Still learning to cope and hopefully things will turn out fine 🙂

Hopefully I can go back to bento life again when things are more settled down.