Bento Fun #317 – Grilled Chicken Sammies

It has been a long time since I posted a bento as the weather is too cold to make anything for Darrius to bring to school. Most of the days I will just packed him some snacks with fruits except for a few days in between, I will give him hot lunches such as fried rice or pasta. Thought they looked all the same so did not take any photos.

Here is a bento which I made before I went into delivery but did not have time to process the photo and post it up.



There are always bread on sale here but we have to buy two loafs so each time I will buy two different types of bread. The sammies above were made of rye bread with soy and linseed bread. I made some grilled chicken and stacked together with some lettuce and cheese. For snack, he got some juicy strawberries!

Looking forward to make more bento as I have sort of settled with the new baby 🙂 Till then, have a good week!