Bento Fun #322 – Cinnamon Roll Day Bento

The baking bugs are definitely biting hard as I have been baking the past weeks! Ever since I was in the cooking and baking group in Facebook, I have been tempted to try my hands on trying some bakes which I have not done in the past. I guess with my Kitchen Aid on the counter top now make it easier to attempt all these baked goodies!

I have been experimenting with bread making the past one week and was pretty addicted to it! So far I’ve made a few buns and yesterday tried baking some cinnamon rolls since I still have some Tang Zhong (water roux) with me. So, Darrius got that for his bento today! πŸ˜†



I made a tray of fruits and nuts cinnamon rolls and they were really yum especially when they were freshly out of the oven. They have a very soft and fluffy texture too probably with the use of Tang Zhong.

Gave Darrius one of the roll with a Golden Delicious green apple wedge and half a strawberry. There are a few pieces of dried apricots too. Hope he can finish them all as he has not been finishing his bento lately preferring to play instead! This is another of my speedy bento since not much work needed! Just have to cut the checkers on the apple.


Bento Fun #321 – Another Rilakkuma & Friends Bento

TGIF folks! πŸ˜€

Had a very busy day yesterday as I took some time and courage to bake my very first Swissroll! I have been procrastinating for a long time as I really like Swissrolls a lot as it is less sweet and love the fact that I can load in lots of fruits into the roll. I used to buy a lot whenever I visit Ipoh back when we were staying in Penang. Finally I can dare make my own. πŸ˜€ I’ve always thought that Swissroll is such a difficult thing to make but I was totally wrong!

Anyway, back to bento…

I was too busy until I did not prepare what I was supposed to do… getting all the gadgets ready to make bento! In the morning I rummage through my boxes and can’t find my Rilakkuma cutters so ended up I used a bear cutter…



After I was done only to discover that the shape is rather rounded! πŸ˜† Well, it is done so no point thinking about it! πŸ˜›

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are butter and jam sammies with details made from cut cheese and some seaweed. There are some sausages hiding at the back with some blanched broccoli as well. Carrot flowers, strawberry and some cherries fill the rest of the box.

Initially I do not need to give Darrius any fruits on Friday as the school was supposed to give them a selection of cut fruits but due to some government problems, they funding stopped so no more fruits for the kids in school! Bummer right? So, it is back to my job to give him his portion… after all it is fruits seasons again! πŸ™‚

And here is a glimpse of my 1st Swissroll…



It was not that tough! I always have the notion that rolling a Swissroll is so intimidating that I kept procrastinate in making one. Finally my fear is gone and I will be making more! :D~~

Bento Fun #320 – Onigiri Twins

Hi again!

Can’t believe it is Thursday already! Time certainly passes fast when one has a million stuff to accomplish each day! My day is stuffed with lots of chores with the kids so I hardly have any time to relax. Moreover, the baking bugs has sort of bitten me recently and I have been baking! Trying to sneak in time to bake whenever baby is sleeping. πŸ™‚

This morning I saw some rice left by hubby in the rice cooker again and decided to make a kyaraben for Darrius. It was more or less like what I did for him earlier this week.



Instead of making onigiri with filling, I decided to seasoned with some furikake into the rice and mold them into triangles. Made them smaller too as I knew Darrius can’t finish them if I gave him those big ones. The other day he only managed to finish one onigiri.

Went to the fresh fruit & vegetables market yesterday and bought lots of fruits again. This round, green kiwi was going for 10 cents each! Bought another box of strawberries as it was on sale at $1.99 again. πŸ™‚Β Along in the box, there are 2 skewers of breaded prawns, golden kiwi slices, cherry and strawberry halves.

I hope he can finish everything as he has the habit of not eating much and went out to play instead. BOYS!

Bento Fun #319 – Happy Day Bento

Good Morning everyone!

It has certainly been a long drought here at Bento Fun with no kyaraben for months! Well, got to say this again… it is no easy task to handle a baby and bento in the morning! I am glad that I have a little time this morning as baby can sleep longer now… the weather is beautiful. πŸ™‚

There was some left over rice from hubby’s lunch box in the rice cooker so I thought I could make something for Darrius.



Made two triangle onigiri with mayo egg filling. Finally get to use the little cute sauce bottle for soy sauce which I bought last year! Hahhaa… yes, I have so many gadgets which have yet to see the light of day to be honest! Though I have unpacked most, I am just to lazy to take them out to use. There’s a big strawberry and some cherries to go with the bento. Gave him one of the custard fruit tarts I bake last night as dessert.

When Darrius saw me taking the photo of his bento he exclaimed, ‘Today is my lucky day!’. Haahahaha… well, I knew he kinda missed the kyaraben as I seldom make any now and also because he can buy his popsicle in school today from the gold coin he got from the Tooth Fairy! πŸ˜† His first milk tooth fell off over the weekend… just 3 month shy from his 7th birthday. It was certainly a loooooooong wait! πŸ˜€

Okie, that’s all for today. Hope all of you have a great week ahead!

Making Popcorns with HCP

Like everyone else in Asia, I was swept by the HCP (Happy Call Pan) wave as well so I bought not 1 but 2 of these pans! It was a very versatile cooking utensil and it can not only be used for everyday cooking but grilling and baking as well!

Last time I used to buy those microwave packet popcorns which I don’t really like the taste. Also, I can’t see if all the corn grains have popped so many a time, I lost a lot of puffy corn pops to un-popped grains.

Now with HCP I can get my corn grains and pop them myself which is so much more fun. Also, I can make the caramel sauce just like those sold at the cinema!

Here is my first batch of caramel popcorns…



I don’t have a popcorn machine yet I still can enjoy the yummy cinema like popcorns minus the exorbitant price… the kids were extremely thrilled too! πŸ˜€