Bento Fun #324 – Flower Onigiri Bento

Looks like I have been slacking on posting bento again. 😛

Have not been packing a lot of bento since Darrius did not want to have bento but just simple sammies wrapped in ZipLock bag! However, I will try to slot in one or two within the week.

There was some left over rice so decided to make some onigiri for him…



Mixed the rice with some pink furikake and wrapped them up into the shape of flower petals. For the centre, I cut a cylinder out of carrot. Gave him some cherries, strawberry and blueberries too. No meat or protein for the day!


Bento Fun #323 – Happy Peaches Bento & One Lovely Blog Award

I am slacking again! 🙄

Yes, the weather is wrecking havoc again since the first week of spring. I am getting backache… not sure if it is due to hay fever or because I did many loads of laundry the past few days! It was soooo-soooo hot on Monday and Tuesday! My linens took just 2 hours to dry!

Anyway, I have not been doing much bento lately and I have quite a few unposted too due to some Internet issues. 😛

This bento was made early last week…



Mixed the rice with some furikake to look like some peaches. Lots of fruits and German bockwurst cocktail sausages made into candies in the box but Darrius came to tell me he’ll prefer to have this instead…



Oh Dear! My boy has Aussiefied faster than I thought! He said all his mates only bring sandwiches in a ziplog bag for lunch and he wanted the same!! >o<

Well, good news for mommy is that mommy can sleep in for a few more minutes but bad news is, there won’t be much bento for a while until he is tired with bread & cheese or bread with butter and jam! 😆

And thanks to one of my readers, Dina, for presenting me with this lovely Award…



When a blog wins this award they must spread the love by:
Thanking and linking back to the person who nominated them, telling seven things about themselves, and nominating 15 other bloggers by commenting on their blogs to let them know.

So the seven things about me:

1. I love everything small and pretty… like bento and bento gadgets! 😛

2. I am very ambitious and always try to be a perfectionist but I am neither here nor there! How ambitious can I be when I am only a SAHM???? So much for being ambitious! 😛

3. I lived my life. Having said that, I am glad I did almost everything (bungy, flying a small jet & diving) I wanted to do before I got married and have kids… except one thing, I have not gone for free falling! Too much risks so I’ll do it when the time comes 🙂

4. I love spicy food but accommodate the kids, I hardly get to cook spicy food so I am trying to train them up now so we can have more spice in our meals!

5. I love to munch! I know this is dangerous but chips and nuts are so cheap here!!! Help me!

6. I have yet to lose the 10kg I gained from having kids!

7. I am so into bread making now! (That explained why I have been slacking!)

I hardly go blog hopping these days (so busy with kids and baking!) but I was inspired by some really good bentoists from Japan like Kaerenmama and a few more. Their simple and beautiful works has helped shaped my bento making journey.