Packing again

I really hate doing this but luck was not on our side and we have to move again. I really hate packing and unpacking more than getting familiarize with a new place. I am fine with changes but not breaking my brain and back packing!

We will get our key for our new place next week and hope to move as many things over before the actual moving day. I am definitely not looking forward to the move but looking forward to living in a real house with backyard! 🙂 The kids are excited nonetheless!


Bento Fun #327 – Wormy Red Bean Bun Bento

The weather is wreaking havoc in our household! First it was hubby who got the hay fever which is prevalent during spring. Then it passed to the two other kids since they are sleeping in the same room. Now, it is me and baby! And everyone in the house is having runny nose! What a way to start spring!

Anyway, life still goes on…

Here is a bento I made for Darrius just before his school break 2 weeks ago… hehehe yeah, I am so late in posting!



Baked some red bean buns into the shape of worm and added the cheese eyes to make it look like one! hehehe The sides are some cherry tomatoes and some tangerine wedges. Simple, easy and speedy! 😀

Bento Fun #326 – Sausage Sizzle Bento

BBQ is very common here in Australia. Sometimes, when there is an event going on, the shop or stall will have ‘Sausage Sizzle’ outside to attract customers. Most of the time you’ll need to pay around $3 for each sausage with buns but sometimes they also have it with a slice of bread at $2 each.

Darrius loves the sausage sizzle very much and each time he sees one he will bug us to get him one. However, I don’t really fancy eating the sausages they used so I told him I’ll make some for him. Saw some cute bread rolls on sale so bought some and made this for him…



Instead of the regular size sausage, I used a cocktail sausage as it fits perfectly into the mini roll. Added a small slice of cheese and some lettuce. Some strawberries, a nectarine and a slice of TimTam complete the bento! Easy peasy! 😀

Darrius’s two bottom incisors dropped a couple of weeks ago so now he eats very slowly so he told me not to pack too much food for him else he won’t have enough time to finish!

Bento Fun #325 – Mini Sausage Buns Bento

I am way behind in my bento posting again! I did managed to do a few before Darrius’s term break but there was so much things that is happening that I do not have much time to sit and write!

Here is another bento which I made with those little sausage buns I baked a while back! Those are my first few batches of home made buns too!



The buns were a little out of shape as I was having some problems handling the dough as it was so sticky! These are the first of many batches of sausage buns I have made which was really amateur! 😆 The sausages were so tiny (as big as the index finger) that making the dough wrap around it is a problem.

Nevertheless, the kids finished everything I baked and these few were the remaining which I specially kept for Darrius’s bento. It was a speedy bento for sure! 🙂