Bento Fun #328 – Tamago Sushi Bento & Happy 2013!

Oh my dear! Did not notice that I have not been posting for such a long time!

Darrius’s last day in school for 2012 was on the 20th of Dec so I’ve not been packing any lunch for him since! Even though I had, most we simple ones with not elaboration at all! Yeah, lazy mommy!

While I was doing some spring cleaning of my camera, I found this bento which I did a while back which was the day after Darrius’s birthday on the 3rd week of November. I did not pack him any lunch on his birthday as he wanted to have lunch order from school. I baked some cupcakes for his classmates and teachers to celebrate the occasion.



Was supposed to use the box of eggs to bake the cupcakes but his teacher told me one of his classmates is allergic to egg so I went on to bake eggless cupcakes instead.┬áTherefore, I fried away the eggs the next day. ­čśŤ

Very simple and another speedy bento… tamago sushi rolls which is also Darrius’s favorite. It was the berries season (summer) so bought a lot of strawberries and cherries which are perfect for bento. I seldom like to put cut fruits as they get all squishy and Darrius will refuse to eat them.

That’s all for tonite… Wishing everyone a Happy and a Blessed 2013!