Bento Fun #331 – Another Spotty Dog Bento

Hello hello everyone!

So quickly we are half way through Chinese New Year with today the 9th and the coming Monday is already the 15th day which is also the last day for Lunar New Year celebration. This day is also known as Chap Goh Mey (15th day). We are missing some of the fireworks actions yesterday back in Penang where all the Hokkiens celebrated Chey Gao (9th Day) which is also know as offering prayers to the Jade Emperor’s or Heavenly King (Ti Gong).

Anyway, it is all quiet here last night but we did went to another Chinese New Year celebration in Glen Waverly which has a large Chinese community. The kids enjoyed themselves with lots of crafts available. However, it was oh so HOT yesterday that we have to give the dragon dance a miss as kids get all cranky after lunch due to the heat.

Well, lets get back to bento…

Made this little spotty dog bento for Darrius the previous week with some left over bread. It was another roast chicken sammy cut with my square bread cutter. Did another similar one here.



Using the bread crust for the muzzle and the ears with seaweed spot cut and paste onto the bread with mayo. There are some ‘failed’ crab meat chips 😆 below the sammy as well as some nectarine wedges, champagne grapes and Easter eggs. Oh yeah, Easter in 1.5 months time! 😀

Gave him a box of his favorite Prima juice since the weather is so hot these few weeks. Looking forward to cooler weather.

That’s all for today 🙂


Bento Fun #330 – Roast Chicken Bread Pitas

Happy Chinese New Year!

The last two weeks was a really chaotic weeks for me as school started. Even my little girl is going to play school now so you can imagine how busy life here!

However, I will always try my best to make some decent bento for Darrius if I have the ingredients and some time to spare.

On the first week in school, Darrius was told by one of his classmates that he should only bring sandwiches for lunch. This is not the first time. Previously in Grade 1, he was being told by another classmate. Just don’t understand why some kids can be so kay poh hor? 😆

Anyway, I asked Darrius if he wants to have plain sandwiches for lunch everyday and he retorted a loud NO! hehe Then I told him, he is a special boy so mommy will pack him yummy bento from time to time. 😀

Here is another bento I made last week as I bought a roast chicken which was on special…



I used my bread pita maker to first cut out the bread in a square then cut it into halves. Heat up some of the chicken meat and slot it into the bread pitas with some cost lettuce and cherry tomato slices. On the sides, there are some champagne grapes or also known as berry grapes, a cherry tomato and some pineapple tarts which Darrius loved.

Though they are actually sandwiches but tweaking them into pitas look more interesting rite? 😛

Back to school!

Darrius started Grade 2 last week. How time flies!

As we are still trying to be on time getting to school, I have not been packing decent bento for him. Mostly speedy ones which I mix and match with whatever I have at home.

Will slowly find more time (waking up earlier) to prepare him some nice and cute bento 🙂