Bento Fun #334 – Another Onigiri day

I have not been packing any nice or cute bento lately as I am so tired to wake up early like what I used to do. This was due to the many late nights feedings has caused my bed time go hay wired. Baby is teething and she has difficulties sleeping soundly. She wakes up many times in a night and this somehow affected my sleep.

However, if I do managed to catch a few more winks than usual, I will get up earlier to pack a decent bento for Darrius…



Bought some furikake from a Korean grocer a while back and decided to make some onigiri with it. The packaging showed that there are 3 colors but when I opened all the 3 packs they are the same… all mixed. *hmmm*

Together in the box is a egg heart, some blood orange slices, strawberries and a little cherry tomato from our little garden!


Bento Fun #333 – Bread Sushi

Though school starts at 9am here but I still have to rush each morning… just don’t know why???!!! School was 8am back in Malaysia and the rush was not as bad. Probably I have 3 kids now so more chaotic?

Well, each morning I wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than the kids to prepare bento and breakfast for the kids. Darrius just can’t get off bed each morning but he was ok… still can manage himself. The only problem is Glennedine… she is the devil each morning. Can’t wake up and after she has woken up she will whine and whine. She is the first one to have her breakfast and yet she can’t finish when we are supposed to be out of the house. Lots of drama before we can start our journey. *sigh*

Anyway, I bought a big loaf of bread last week and did this bread sushi with the fish floss…



I’d use 4 slices of bread to make this which is so easy. Just lay a slice of nori on a cling wrap and squirt some mayo all around the nori then place the 4 slices of bread (crust cut and flatten with a rolling pin) on top. Squirt some mayo on the bread (as glue) and sprinkle fish floss (or any ingredients) till almost reaching the end. Place the entire stack onto a sushi mat and slowly roll. Tighten and rest it rest for a few minutes. Remove the sushi mat and cling wrap and cut with a sharp knife.

There are some grapes and a strawberry in the box as well. Gave him some snacks and a box of juice for recess.

Another Toy!

Ok… after all the hype of bread making last year, finally the bread maker I was waiting for is on sale again! I knew it will come so I waited patiently for it and like they says, perseverance has it rewards 🙂 Not only it has extra functions, it is $10 cheaper than last year price! Woot!!



Really excited about this baby and I will try to bake something tomorrow to test it out. Probably can buy those ready bread mix to try… so looking forward to my first crusty bread loaf!

At least now I can dump everything in and have freshly bake bread in the morning! 😀

Bento Fun #332 – Mr Bleah Bento

The week before last, hubby has to go on a day trip to Canberra for an event. As the weather was a little wacky that day, his flight got delayed and he has to settle dinner at the airport. The kids had wanted to wait up for their daddy but the delayed means hubby can only be home around mid night. Therefore, I told hubby to get something for the kids since they have been missing their daddy so hubby bought some muffins home (there’s nothing much in the airport).

Using one of the muffins, I made this bento for Darrius the next morning…



It has been a while since I make a funny looking kyaraben for Darrius and I think he kinda enjoyed it. Using half the raspberry muffin with some cheese cut out for the eyes and half a fresh fig for the mouth and we have a weird looking creature! 😆

Threw in some mixed black and green grapes as well as some blueberries in the box. Gave him a Mini Oreo for snack and a box of juice. Another speedy bento! 😀