The usual Speedy Bento

On most days it is a rush in the morning as I need to get all the kids ready before dropping Darrius off at school. My eldest girl is a pretty difficult in the morning so I have to waste sometime getting her ready after which I’ll have to prepare baby. Darrius can get himself ready but I have to make sure he did everything properly… boys!

Luckily I bought the Air Fryer so on most days I just throw some of the frozen food and they got heated up pretty fast and the kids love these crunchy and crispy food.

So, on most days now are speedy bento versus pretty and picture perfect bento…



The above were some of the speedy bento I made for both kids as my eldest girl requested to have one when she goes to her play school once a week.


Bento Fun #335 – Tri-Color Tamago Sushi

I went to the Centro in Glen Waverly a few times but I did not notice there is an Asian grocer near the Market Street until recently. I was really excited to discover they actually do stock up some Korean and Japanese items and to my surprises, the rice coloring which I was looking for!

And without delay, I made some colored sushi for Darrius just before his Term 1 break 2 weeks ago…



I used the blue, red and yellow but I guess I did not put enough as the colors were quite pale after taking the photographs. Will try again soon and hopefully I can do some designs using the colors. 🙂