Korean Mochi Bread

A couple of months ago we popped by a Korean grocer and discovered that they sell the mochi bread flour. I was over the moon as I really wanted to try baking them so much and so happy that I spotted them. I paid $4.50 for a box which came in 2 packet of flour mix. I need to add eggs and milk to complete the mixture. The best thing is it does not require any proofing time.

Everything is done within 45 minutes from mixing to baking… and I love the elastic texture which is very chewy. 🙂

Each packet can yield about 9 mochi bread balls.



I still have a packet left and thought maybe I should bake them tomorrow! 😆


Yummy Cookies

A few weeks ago an old friend from Singapore came to Melbourne for a short vacation and we managed to meet up. I brought her to have some really kick-ass roasted pork in Glen Waverly as well as Taiwanese dessert after lunch. She was also an ex-uni mate though we are from a completely different faculty.

She gave these really yummy cookies to my kids… which I know cost a bomb! Saw them selling at Takashimaya during my last visit to Singapore.



These cookies were very crunchy yet not overly sweet even it was coated with chocolate on one side.

Hopefully will have a chance to go Singapore again so I can buy other flavors to try…

Bento Fun #336 – Home made Burger Bento

Now that baby is learning to walk I have very little time to do much. I have to plan most of my cooking time now so that she will be napping when I cook. She has been waking up early too so I rarely have the chance to pack cute bento for Darrius and he is not complaining since he is used to the simple lunch boxes I packed for him now… looking like his friends’ lunch boxes! 😛

The other week I made some tuna buns and kept some of the dough for burger buns. I was supposed to pack for Darrius but only to realized that he has cooking class in school and told me he don’t want to bring any lunch so I ended up making the burger for my girl.



The pork patty was home made too which was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s 15 minutes meals which was aired on the TV2 weeks back. Love the idea of adding those mustard seeds to the meat as it gave a nice tangy taste.

My girl was excited to have this for her lunch 😀