Green tea over load

Couples of weeks back, hubby went for a training in Tokyo. As he does not have to attend any customer meetings this round, he has more time to kill and of course to shop!

And these are the goodies he brought back…



I’ve never ate so much Kit-Kat in one go! These green tea Kit-Kat are to die for as they are super yum!


Spring is here??

We are actually in the mid of winter but this year the weather is kinda weird. The summer was prolonged and autumn was cut short. We have one of the hottest days this summer and one of the coldest days in years this winter. The onlt thing is, it has not snowed yet!

The kids are hoping to catch some snow here but it will be very unlikely…

So, how do we tell if spring has arrived???



Yeap, from all those little buds sprouting on the bare branches!

And when one by one they blossomed…



Isn’t that is one of the most wonderful sight??? 🙂

I love spring! It is so nice to be greeted with all these beautiful blooms in the morning which will definitely brighten up the day!

Bento Fun #337 – Another Burger Bento

After a looooooong break from making a proper/presentable bento for Darrius, I packed him a burger bento last Friday as I managed to bake some butter buns the day before. I used a slider maker and only to discovered the patties’ size are much smaller than my buns. Must make smaller buns next time! 😛



The patty is the same as the one I made for Glennedine a few weeks back. The kids like the tangy flavoured pork patties with the mustard seeds.

There are some other snacks that I’ve packed for him but not in the photo. He usually have a short break around 10am and lunch break at around 1pm.

The Minions Craze!

The Minions are invading the earth!!!!

Hahhaa! Yeah, if you are in Asia, very likely you are being invaded by these cuties! Luckily we are in Australia so nothing crazy here unless in those suburbs that has more Asians.

Read in FB that there are some super kiasu collectors/ebayers are purchasing the McD’s Happy Meals by the trolley load so that they can buy off all the toys that comes with the meals! Few weeks back was the Hello Kitty fever which has caused some ugly scenes in beautiful Lion City. Seriously, these folks are really spoiling the image!!!

Thank God we are in Australia and we don’t see crazy things like that. *phew~*

As it was school holiday when they screened Despicable ME 2 so I let Darrius watch the movie at the cinema. He followed my friend and her 2 kids since my 2 girls are too young to go. Not cheap to watch movies in cinema here… paid almost $15 for Darrius’s ticket!

Anyway, since he performed very well for last term (he topped his Mandarin class again!) so it was a treat for him. And of course, it comes with the toy too…



Don’t think we’ll be collecting all of the 12 designs but we’ll see… 🙂