Still buying bento gadgets

Though I hardly make proper bento now, I do still check out the few online bento stores to feed my addiction. It is always nice to see new products in the market though it is not so nice that it made me wanted to get them!!!

Since Darrius has out grew the bento phase, I am looking forward to start the girlish bento journey when my elder girl starts kinder next year. Well, it will be a challenge since I’ll have to pack 2 sets of lunch boxes while getting all the kids ready!


Bento Fun #338 – Simple Sushi Rolls

I do still pack lunch boxes every school days but has not been taking photos as they are not photo worthy… because I just chuck everything into the lunch bag with no deco what so ever 😛

I made this bento for Darrius and he came back telling me to not pack his lunch in fancy lunch boxes any more as his classmates will disturb him!



Guess this marks the end of my bento journey for my boy… as much as I wanted him to grow up but deep down he is still my baby 🙂 Well, maybe I will pack him more adult types of bento…

Well, I am looking forward to pack for my girl who will be in kinder next year 🙂