Another busy weekend!

Darrius’s and Glennedine’s birthday is about 10 days apart so I am always so busy planning on their birthday cake projects during this time of the year.

Glennedine will turn for next week and I have yet to decide what cake to bake for her though she has already told me what she wanted! Yes, my kids always have their own themes!

Now, I just have to decide which cake to bake!


Bento Fun #341 – Darrius’s 8th Birthday Minion Bento

Last Thursday (21th Nov) Darrius celebrated his 8th birthday. He has asked for a party with a few friends at home but this mommy is just too lazy to organise a house party so decided to give him a surprise in school.

I just told him I’ll be baking some cupcakes for his classmates but did not tell him that I’ll pack bento for them too.

The theme for this year is of course his current favourite… Minions from Despicable Me 2! And so, here are the Despicable Me 2 bento theme with all his minions on parade!





He was ecstatic! His classmates and his teacher were all blown away by the cuteness of the minions cupcakes as well as the bento. Apparently they have not seen kyaraben before so it was rather exciting. I’ve included a slice of rock melon, a piece of chicken nugget, a packet of Malteser, a cherry tomato and some blanched broccoli together with the cupcake.

They kids had a fabulous time checking out the bento and they absolutely love the cupcakes (it was a hit according to Darrius). Darrius told me that some of his classmates even save the entire bento so that they could show them to their moms.

For now, I am the best mom ever according to Darrius 😛