Back to school at last!

Darrius went back to school today as a 3rd grader. He was so excited that he woke up very early and got himself ready. However, I have to get his sisters ready as well so we can’t be in school earlier… but we were on time… just 10 minutes before the bell rings.

I was supposed to get some breads to make him sandwiches for his lunch but got busy and forgot all about it till pretty late in the afternoon. By then it was hot outside so decided to make some buns for him instead…



Yeah! Finally got enough courage to try making character buns! Found these cute cat buns tutorial from some Japanese moms sites and I was so inspired! There are a few more designs I wished to try but the cats seemed to be pretty easy and straight forward…

They did came out pretty nice didn’t they? Still need to work on the shaping but I think a few more practices will definitely help a lot more 🙂

Anyway, Darrius was so happy that he asked to have 2 cat buns for his lunch box! He told me when I went to pick him after school ends that everyone in the class thought that he has the coolest lunch! 😆


Back to School 2014!

Finally the 6 weeks holiday has come to an end when Darrius returns to school tomorrow! Can’t help being elated as having 3 kids at home 24/7 is rather detrimental to my soul! lol The constant fights and bickering is driving me nuts!

Anyway, I am looking forward to share more bento creation since Glennedine will be starting kinder officially next week. I can finally use all those cute Hello Kitty and My Melody bento boxes which I bought eons ago! 😆

Expecting a HOT HOT week

The weather forecast has warned us that this week temperature will soar to the 40s. I don’t think we have experience such hot weather in Melbourne. Most of the time it will rise up to the high 30s and it will cools down in a day or two. However, this week will be exceptional as it will be more than 4 days!

Can’t wait for the HOT HOT days to be over as it will be a chore to go out with the kids in such weather.