Bento Fun #346 – Funny Trio Bento

Was supposed to bake some breads yesterday but was too lazy so can’t think of anything to put into the kids lunch boxes. Remembering I have some fish cocktails in the freezer, some ideas came along… yes, the thought of those cute Ooglies came flushing back!





I was running so did not have time to cut the cocktails sausages into shapes so just used them as they are. Just have to dress them up with some cheese eyes and they are good to go! heheh And since there were no carbohydrate, I added a pear onigiri mixed with some furikaki.

The kids polished off everything except the lettuce…



Darrius even told me that all his teachers were excited to see his lunch box everyday as they were expecting to see something fun! 😆



Bento Fun #345 – Beary Valentine’s Buns Bento

How was your Valentine’s Day celebration? It is just another day for us here as the hubby is not the romantic sort 😛

However, that does not mean I can’t be all lovey dovey! I made these for Darrius’s lunch box and he was so happy he finished everything!





These beary buns are filled with fish cocktails which is a hit with the kids. Glennedine did not have class so I only need to prepare one.

And I prepared these little cupcakes for Darrius’s class teachers…





Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day celebration! 🙂

Bento Fun #344 – Home made Crocodile cocktail bun

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a Japanese mommy’s blog whom made the cutest character buns. I was so inspired after going through some of her works and thought I should give it a go. The thing is, I have problems shaping the bread dough so gave up many times. However, the cuteness of these buns gave me the courage to try. Started with these cute cat buns… not that perfect but quite encouraging 🙂

So, it is time to try making other shapes and I have chosen to do the crocodiles ones which look pretty simple. The only thing was shaping the eyes… what seemingly easy but it was not! It is hard to get the sizes correct!

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the outcome…




As my girl has classes too I made 2 sets but the items in the boxes are slightly different as Ms Diva don’t like cherry tomatoes >.< A simple kyaraben bento… only need to draw the eyes and the teeth 🙂 And so, these kick-started my kyaraben journey for this year!




Bento Fun #343 – Meat floss rolls with Teriyaki chicken

I have wanted to make a kyaraben for Darrius but I woke up late and thus ran out of time after preparing the ingredients so just packed all the food into the bento box with no deco. It is not easy to get all the kids ready on time!





There are some meat floss rolls with a teriyaki chicken stick. Added some yellow cherry tomatoes to fill up the box. On the side there are some mixed grapes and a Fredo treat 🙂

Bento Fun #342 – First Bento in 2014

Bento kitchen is finally back in business after a looong hiatus! 😆

I have wanted to pack a cute bento using the cat buns that I baked the other day for Darrius but I can’t find a suitable bento box to fit in the buns (he wanted 2) so ended up I just packed them in a box and the other accompaniments into other boxes.

So, on last Friday I packed a proper bento but still no kyaraben yet…





Just some fish fingers with red and yellow Roma cherry tomatoes and some grapes. Added a packet of gummies and a pack of juice.

Just simple stuff that kids like 🙂