Bento Fun #348 – Happy Garden Bento

I have quite a few bento posts lined up but really have no time to post them. I am trying my very best to get all the photos processed but it has been tough to get time to sit in front of the PC. Baby just won’t let me sit down in peace. When she naps, I will have to quickly finish up the never ending list of house work.

Here is a bento I made for Darrius 2 weeks back. He has Footy practice every Wednesday this term…





Both pear onigiri mixed with some furikake have meat floss and mayo filling.  There is a tamagoyaki, a chicken nugget, broccoli, strawberry and cherry tomato. A chocolate Moo box and a LCM complete the meal. He had a heavy breakfast so I did not pack that much for him.



Slow in posting

The past weeks has been really a busy one. I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning and tidying the house as my parents will be here the end of the month. As the sun is still good, I have been doing quite a bit of washing in anticipating the colder weather where there will be more rain than sun.

Have been doing a bit of baking too since the kids and the hubby have been having really good appetite! Everything gone real fast!

Hope I can post more when there are less stuff to do.

Bento Fun #347 – Beary Burgers

I have not been doing much updating lately as I’ve been a little lax. There are just too many things going on. I have lots of posts queuing up actually but just can’t find the time to post them up. 😛

Anyway, here is another bento I made for the kids with home made buns…




Baked these bear buns which I made into mini burgers. With additional chicken strips, fruits and snacks. Kids love these kinda stuff 😛