Bento Fun #350 – The Speed Bento

Gawd! It is already the end of Term 2 and now we are having a 2 weeks break! Can’t imagine where the time has gone to! Everyday is busy day when one have 3 very active kids that keeps you on your toes! >.<

I am still packing lunches for both my school going kids but they are not too photo worthy and with the gloomy weather, lighting is bad so there is no motivation at all. Finally I understood why so many people loathe winter. Weather in Melbourne sucks big time at this time of the year.

For now, most of the time I only pack speedy bento that don’t require much ‘make-up’ but still able to keep hungry tummies filled. 🙂 However, I do make sure the kids get nutritional food in their bags…





Since I am into bread making lately, the kids get freshly baked bread for their lunch boxes on most days which I alternate with one or two days of other favorites. Here is butter loaf slice with ham and cheese, some green grapes, strawberry and some left over Chinese New Year beehive cookies. (btw, this photo was taken somewhere in March)

Surprisingly, kids love such simple stuff 😆