Nude Food Movers

Well, I’ve been really quiet lately. Besides the┬áhustle and bustle of daily life, I’ve got a minor health scare recently. Thus, not doing much online work.

Have not been feeling too well and there was some chest pain so decided to check it out what was causing all the annoyance. Did a MRI scan of the heart, blood test as well as X-ray and was glad there was nothing major. Phew~ Doctor said it could be due to stress and anxieties. Therefore, I decided to take a back seat on all non important stuff until I am in the pink of health.

Due to that, I have not been doing a lot of kawaii bento but rather following the local trend here in Australia by using the Nude Food Movers System to pack the kids’ lunch boxes. It is supposed to be rubbish free so there is no waste such as food scraps and packaging in the kid’s lunch bag.


nudeboxPhoto credit from


It is a simple system where all prepared food are kept in specific boxes which can be fitted into a bigger box holding the different items together. I like the empty jar with a cap lid where I can put yogurt for the kids. Well, I can buy the individual serving yogurt but that means my kids will have to bin the empty containers and sometimes they can’t finish and those left over yogurt will be left flowing into the lunch bag since they do not have a lid. Also, it is cheaper to buy a 1L tub than buying individual serving tubs. Less mess and less rubbish!