ECO Lunch Box

I have been contemplating of getting a set of the ECO lunch box for the longest time  as I really like the stainless steel look and feel! However, these lunch boxes don’t come cheap! Also, it can’t be used in the microwave so I just can’t decide!





Still thinking hard if I should get it as the set above cost about $30. I already have too many bento boxes but they are all plastics so would love to add something different to my collection…


Cooking demo in kinder

I was invited by Glennedine’s kinder to do some cooking demo to the kids. I have not decided what to do yet but will try to do something simple so the kids can take part and have fun.

Will probably do some sammies decorated with funny eyes 😛

Imitation bento gadgets!

Last month when I was back in Penang, I managed to pop by Mr DIY in Penang Time Square and got a rude shock when I found these on one of the aisles…





Yes, all the bento tools you and me paid a fortune for just a few months back are selling at less than half the price! My heart felt the pain as I have most of them bought from online bento shops at ‘premium’ prices. Some of them even brand new in their packaging as I have yet to try them out! *wailing*


In Malaysia for vacation

We went back to Malaysia during the Term 3 school holiday for a short vacation. This is the first time we travelled back since we moved to Melbourne which is close to 3 years.

There were lots of changes both in Penang and KL but our time back is just too short so did not manage to check out most places  or meet up with all our friends and relatives.

However, it was good to be back though it was hot and hazy! At least we get to eat some of our favorite food back home!