Bento Fun #352 – Inarizushi Bears

Went to the Korean mart a while back and bought some aburage (prepared tofu-pockets) to make inarizushi. Darrius loves it very much but Glennie don’t quite like it but here, mommy will make everyone try eating everything! 😛



These are pretty easy to make and extremely speedy. Just use the oval cutter to cut the cheeses, whole for the muffles and cut half for the ears.



Bento Fun #351 – Happy Onigiri

Life has been really busy especially you have 2 school goers and a toddler! I felt that 24 hours a day is really not enough as there are always so much work to complete! Though I love to make cute bentos for my kids but sometimes there are so much happening in the morning that really don’t give me much time to decorate the bentos and snap nice photos of them.

Here is a bento I made a while back but don’t have the time to post!






These are some of the kids’ favorite food at the moment! Yes, chicken nuggets will always be a hit just like sausages! Kids, they love unhealthy food don’t they??!! Well, it is ok to have some not too healthy stuff in a healthy bento to balance up! What is most important, they eat and fill up their hungry tummy! 🙂