Bento Fun #344 – Home made Crocodile cocktail bun

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a Japanese mommy’s blog whom made the cutest character buns. I was so inspired after going through some of her works and thought I should give it a go. The thing is, I have problems shaping the bread dough so gave up many times. However, the cuteness of these buns gave me the courage to try. Started with these cute cat buns… not that perfect but quite encouraging 🙂

So, it is time to try making other shapes and I have chosen to do the crocodiles ones which look pretty simple. The only thing was shaping the eyes… what seemingly easy but it was not! It is hard to get the sizes correct!

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the outcome…




As my girl has classes too I made 2 sets but the items in the boxes are slightly different as Ms Diva don’t like cherry tomatoes >.< A simple kyaraben bento… only need to draw the eyes and the teeth 🙂 And so, these kick-started my kyaraben journey for this year!





Bento Fun #212 – Go get ’em Alligator!

Hello all! How was your weekend? Ours was one hectic one!

Today is the start of Term 2 exam for Darrius. Yes, poor boy have to go through exam just like the big kids! Darrius is not pressured at all as he was playing and having lots of fun the entire weekend!

First subject is Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysia’s first language. Everyone must pass this when there are in formal schooling. Darrius started learning only this year and so far he is fast to pick up the language. He scored 100% last term so hopefully he maintain the standard! 😛

In conjunction with his exam I made him this bento…



Hahha! Yeah, I made him an alligator – Go get ’em alligator! to cheer him on!

We went for a walk at the damn last evening and on the way back I popped by the bakery to pick up some of these butter rolls which both the kids love. The idea only popped up this morning while thinking what can I do with the shape.

It was easy to prepare. The only tough part was to putting the alligator’s teeth together since I have to cut the cheese out and slowly fit them in. The eyes were slices of cucumber with cheese. The nares were cutout from cucumber skin.

Goodies in the box today includes a mini apple, a cheese cube, cherry tomato with cucumber and a Raffaello which MIL brought back from Germany. Can see the ‘A’ flag pick? That’s to tell him to score A for today’s paper! 😆

This week will be a busy one for us but I’ll try to make bento when the inspiration comes…

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 😀