Bento Fun in Print Book!


Finally after working on this book for almost 2 years, it is published! So thankful to MPH Publishing Group to be given this opportunity to publish my first Bento book.

Ever since I started this bento journey, I have secretly wished I will have the chance to publish at least one book as personal achievement. I just love to share with everyone my bento journey and all the tricks and tips I learned along the way.

It has been an amazing journey though I do not have so much time to blog these days. Things can get crazy when you have 3 kids! Each time I am done for the day I just want to sit down and chill… hence I have not been updating all my blogs!

If you would love to get a copy of Bento Fun, all MPH Bookstores in Malaysia stocked it. For MPH Singapore, Bento Fun will be available from December onward.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support 🙂



Bento Books by Susan Yuen

I have wanted to blog about the books written by Susan Yuen for a long time! I got them like last year…! 😆

Each time I wanted to write, there will sure be other things that get in the way and I’ll have to KIV it. Since I am free now (no need to cook lunch and baby is napping), I might as well get it out of the way! 😀

I have been an ardent fan of Susan Yuen. I just love her bento creations as they are simple yet very nice and appetizing not only to the eyes but to the tummy too! I can’t remember when I chanced upon her site but I do remember participating in her first Kid’s Bento contest that she has organized in her old blog and I was one of the winners.

She has written 2 books and I managed to get both books after lots of troubles since her first book was always out of stock! I only managed to get it by asking a friend from US to help me to purchase from Amazon last year.



She has some simple instructions for some of her bento so if you are a beginner in making kids bento, I would advise you to get a copy. Best of all, both books are in English! There are some very easy to follow recipes too so you can learn to cook some Japanese/Hawaiian dishes! 😀

I’ve learned from her blog recently that she is in the midst of writing her 3rd book. Can’t wait for it to be published! I’m sure she has lots of new ideas for us!

The Just Bento Book

I think I have to stop myself from buying bento related stuff as I have just too many of them and I don’t really get to use most of them all the time! However, the habit of collecting them is really getting into me… I just can’t refrain from buying those cute stuff!

Remember my mentioning about waiting for the delivery man many moons back? Well, I am sure some of you are curious what have I added on to my bento collection… again?

Here it is…



This is my second bento book printed in English. My first was the Yum-yum Bento Box which I bought many-many months ago.

I would say that this book emphasized greatly on the fundamental of packing lunches, ie: the concepts, tips and of course recipes. Very useful for those who are very environmental conscious and would like to bring their own lunch boxes to work or outing… especially those residing in Penang! Yeah, the state of Penang is going full force with ‘NO-Plastic bags Day’ everyday since the 1st of January 2011. Before we only practice it for 3 days in a week but now it is 7 days a week.

Well, if you are hoping to see cute kyaraben in this book you’ll be greatly disappointed as there is close to none. In my opinion, the cutesy and the creativity of the Japanese’s kyaraben was the first attraction that brought us all here… to start making bento so our kids can have a lunch box packed with much love! Attractive things are always so pleasing to the eyes! Don’t you agree with me?? 😛 Anyway, there are still many who do not pack for kids so this book is very suitable for beginners.

There are a few more books which I managed to amass over the last few months but I’ve yet to take any photos… will try to be more hard working! 😛 Baby just started to walk so I am as busy as the bees!