New collection!

A little girl will be very thrilled when she sees this new lunch box…




Finally a cheeky Peppa and George box!


Imitation bento gadgets!

Last month when I was back in Penang, I managed to pop by Mr DIY in Penang Time Square and got a rude shock when I found these on one of the aisles…





Yes, all the bento tools you and me paid a fortune for just a few months back are selling at less than half the price! My heart felt the pain as I have most of them bought from online bento shops at ‘premium’ prices. Some of them even brand new in their packaging as I have yet to try them out! *wailing*


Nude Food Movers

Well, I’ve been really quiet lately. Besides theย hustle and bustle of daily life, I’ve got a minor health scare recently. Thus, not doing much online work.

Have not been feeling too well and there was some chest pain so decided to check it out what was causing all the annoyance. Did a MRI scan of the heart, blood test as well as X-ray and was glad there was nothing major. Phew~ Doctor said it could be due to stress and anxieties. Therefore, I decided to take a back seat on all non important stuff until I am in the pink of health.

Due to that, I have not been doing a lot of kawaii bento but rather following the local trend here in Australia by using the Nude Food Movers System to pack the kids’ lunch boxes. It is supposed to be rubbish free so there is no waste such as food scraps and packaging in the kid’s lunch bag.


nudeboxPhoto credit from


It is a simple system where all prepared food are kept in specific boxes which can be fitted into a bigger box holding the different items together. I like the empty jar with a cap lid where I can put yogurt for the kids. Well, I can buy the individual serving yogurt but that means my kids will have to bin the empty containers and sometimes they can’t finish and those left over yogurt will be left flowing into the lunch bag since they do not have a lid. Also, it is cheaper to buy a 1L tub than buying individual serving tubs. Less mess and less rubbish!





Bento Fun #278 – Mini Sammy Squares

So quickly it is Tuesday already! This week will definitely breeze through as I have lots of stuff to do before our long weekend getaway to KL for May Day.

Today’s bento is pretty similar to yesterday’s since I have all the ingredients so no point buying new stuff to create new menu! ๐Ÿ˜› Yeah, I am getting a little lazy…



I made similar sammies for lunch yesterday but with different filling (I made egg omelette) and added lots of ingredients (this is influenced by Subway since we have been having subs quite often recently!!!) and they are really tasty! I was surprised to find out that Darrius likes the pickled cucumber that he asked for more! That was why I added the pickles in his bento today. There is also some strawberries and a small portion of corn on cob.

During my recent groceries shopping trip, I discovered the new Kid milk by Dutch Lady which is just at the right size for the kids… especially my baby who don’t take a lot of milk at each feed. The box above is only 125ml so it is excellent to go with a small snack box! ๐Ÿ˜€ย I always bring the 250ml boxes for travelling as it is convenient (no need to mix the milk powder, wash the bottle and bring a whole bag of stuff!) ๐Ÿ˜› and Darrius likes box milk!

And I have something new in the box today… the new lace silicon baran! Love, love them to bits! Got them from J-Mama.

Bento Books by Susan Yuen

I have wanted to blog about the books written by Susan Yuen for a long time! I got them like last year…! ๐Ÿ˜†

Each time I wanted to write, there will sure be other things that get in the way and I’ll have to KIV it. Since I am free now (no need to cook lunch and baby is napping), I might as well get it out of the way! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have been an ardent fan of Susan Yuen. I just love her bento creations as they are simple yet very nice and appetizing not only to the eyes but to the tummy too! I can’t remember when I chanced upon her site but I do remember participating in her first Kid’s Bento contest that she has organized in her oldย blog and I was one of the winners.

She has written 2 books and I managed to get both books after lots of troubles since her first book was always out of stock! I only managed to get it by asking a friend from US to help me to purchase from Amazon last year.



She has some simple instructions for some of her bento so if you are a beginner in making kids bento, I would advise you to get a copy. Best of all, both books are in English! There are some very easy to follow recipes too so you can learn to cook some Japanese/Hawaiian dishes! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve learned from her blog recently that she is in the midst of writing her 3rd book. Can’t wait for it to be published! I’m sure she has lots of new ideas for us!