Bento Fun #305 – Valentine’s Bento

Happy Valentine’s everyone!

It is not a tradition for my family to celebrate this day so I’ll just do it for fun. 😀 So, are you doing anything special with your other half or with your family and friends? Today, my hubby has to attend a course and won’t be home till dinner so I’m home with the girl only since Darrius is away in school. Probably will bring the girl for shopping later… if I’m up to it! 😛

Today, I prepared rice for both the men in the house since they have to go ‘studying’! 😆



Cooked some pan-grilled chicken and some meatballs to go with the rice. There are some Romanian cherry tomatoes halves which I tried to make it look like a heart… Gave him a LCM bar and a nectarine for morning break which he requested. Don’t want to give him too many items else he will sure can’t finish since he wants to play during his breaks.

As for the hubby, this is the first time he brings a bento with him! (he is just too shy!!!) Told him long time ago that he’ll have to get used to bringing bento when we live here! Hahhaa



Hubby requested lots of meat coz he said that will fill him up better. I gave him a big container of rice (not in the photo) too so that can fill him up till dinner time since he did not take any brekky before he left the house. Packed him a few pieces of nectarines for his breaks too just in case he gets hungry (he’s a big eater!).

That’s all for today and I hope you’ll have a happy celebration! 😀


Bento Fun #279 – A Hearty Bento

Good’ay all!

For those who celebrated Labor Day, how was your long weekend? We took the opportunity to have a short getaway in KL and spent some time with my family. Though everyone enjoyed (especially the feasting part) but I suffered quite a bit since baby was rather cranky on most nights causing me to lose sleep. On average I only get to sleep less than 3 hours each night for that 3 nights we were there.

I was so tired when we returned yesterday and thus, did not make any bento for Darrius. This was a bento I made on last Thursday but was too busy to post up. I am still having a very tired brain… but I do hope to make something tomorrow.



I bought another new pocket sammy maker… this time was the one that can make a big heart! 😛 I just can’t resist buying gadgets… heh! If you’ve noticed, I finally got the Shinkansen bento box too which a dear friend helped me get during her recent visit to Hong Kong. Thanks Jacss! 😀

It was a heart pocket sammy filled with meat floss and mayo and to make it less plain, I cut another small heart from the bread crust to give it more colors. There are some strawberries and green seedless grapes to complete the box. Very simple. 🙂

Bento Fun #223 – Hearty Donburi

Hello all my Bento Friends!

My apologies for MIA (missing in action) close to a whole month! 😛

We were away at my parents’ place in Kuala Lumpur for 3 weeks as hubby needs to go for his year end business trips. Since there are no other adults with us during hubby’s trips we decided to go to KL to spend time with my side of the family. After all it was year end school holiday!

I have been missing all of you but my busy schedules in KL really don’t allow me to do any stuff except taking care of the kids! We were out practically the whole time we were there! And yes, I finally gathered enough courage to drive alone with the kids all over KL! This time, we visited almost all the places I knew how to go more than once! 😛

So, when we got back to Penang, there were nothing much left in the fridge and because I was struck with one of the worst food poisoning episode the day before we are travelling back, I have to delayed going for grocery shopping.

Here is something I whipped up after I rummaged through my fridge and food cabinets… hearty don…



Though I have other can food in the food cabinets I finally chose having bake beans as Darrius needs something saucy to go with his rice. Found some eggs in the fridge so made some tamagoyaki added with some seaweeds and furikake. Fried some chicken nuggets since we have not have that for a long time. There were no green at all so I slotted the green peppers baran to give the color! 😀

This weekend is going to be a busy one too so I won’t be making any bento but hopefully next week I can do some Christmas theme bento as I am the only one who has yet to do anything on this to date!!!!

Wishing you a great weekend ahead! Happy Bento-ing! 😀

Bento Fun #141 – I Heart U

Good Monday everyone! 😀

Last weekend just flashed by in a blink of the eye…. so much to do but so little time! I did not get to do any bento last Friday as Baby G was a little cranky and since hubby was on half day, I have to cook a heavy lunch so no time for anything else.

I went to the wet market yesterday and saw some meat floss on sale. Then an idea came to my head… Darrius loves meat floss so maybe it is a good idea to put them in his bento so he’ll eat! So, I bought a small packet of about 100g to try. At night, before I tuck Darrius in, I told him I’ll make him some meat floss with mayonnaise sandwiches for him to bring to school and he was delighted upon hearing that. Then I asked him what shapes he wanted his sandwiches to be?



I have wanted to fry some of those heart nuggets for him too but this morning Baby G woke up when hubby’s alarm went off so I spent some time patting her back to sleep so I have less time for bento. Instead, I steamed some chicken cocktails and cut into heart shape as replacement.

I spread some mayonnaise on the bottom slice of bread before putting the meat floss and covered with another slice on top and sealed it using the side of the heart’s cutter. Today’s bread was butter scotch which is a little sweet and fragrant which goes very well with the meat floss…

Added some strawberries and 2 gummy hearts as treat to complete the box. This is a speedy bento too! Took me about 15 minutes to kau-tim! 😛

Bento Fun #53

This was last Monday Bento that Darrius had for dinner. Nothing fancy except I bought a box of strawberries from Tesco. Looks like those strawberries from Cameron Highland is getting slightly better than years ago but still can’t beat those from US and Australia… in terms of size and sweetness.



I gave him some stir-fried red and green capsicum in black pepper chicken, 2 heart shaped onigiri (not sticky enough) with some steamed fish on the side (left), some cut strawberries and a bunny apple and sprinkled with some steamed corns from McD! (yeah, we went to McD again… for a reason)

He was happy to see the heart shaped rice but he took out all the capsicum pieces from the box! Last time he likes to eat all his capsicums but lately he started to pick on his vege! Headache!