Bento Fun in Print Book!


Finally after working on this book for almost 2 years, it is published! So thankful to MPH Publishing Group to be given this opportunity to publish my first Bento book.

Ever since I started this bento journey, I have secretly wished I will have the chance to publish at least one book as personal achievement. I just love to share with everyone my bento journey and all the tricks and tips I learned along the way.

It has been an amazing journey though I do not have so much time to blog these days. Things can get crazy when you have 3 kids! Each time I am done for the day I just want to sit down and chill… hence I have not been updating all my blogs!

If you would love to get a copy of Bento Fun, all MPH Bookstores in Malaysia stocked it. For MPH Singapore, Bento Fun will be available from December onward.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support 🙂



Haitus continued

As much as I would love to post more but I really do not have the luxury of time for there are always so much housework to be completed each day! It seems that during winter the house gets dustier than any other seasons.

I have been doing bento for the kids but really have no time to snap pics as we are always in a rush each morning. Probably need to wake up earlier but the wintery weather makes it difficult to get out of bed >.<


Baby turned 3

Our youngest turn 3 years old a month ago. This year she requested to have Peppa Pig and George for her birthday and this crazy mommy did not hesitate to make her, her dream cake 🙂


She was extremely excited when she saw the cake. And to make the cake even more attractive I decided to give her all the colours…


.And to surprise her little friends at language school…


She is one happy 3 years old! 😀


Back to school!

Summer holiday came and gone and in a week time school will reopens for 2015! How time flies!!! This year Darrius will be in Grade 4 and Miss G will be in Prep! She is finally joining the big school!

We are all prepared with the new gears… bags and lunch bags (Frozen theme of course!) …uniforms and all the misc! She is excited but she tends to forget when she plays and chatter away! I hope she is not Ms Chatterbox in class!!!

As for this mommy… that means the lunch boxes will be rolling in once again! Hadn’t been posting much as I can hardly find the time to process the photos and typing out but will try to do that more in the coming weeks 🙂

ECO Lunch Box

I have been contemplating of getting a set of the ECO lunch box for the longest time  as I really like the stainless steel look and feel! However, these lunch boxes don’t come cheap! Also, it can’t be used in the microwave so I just can’t decide!





Still thinking hard if I should get it as the set above cost about $30. I already have too many bento boxes but they are all plastics so would love to add something different to my collection…