Bento Fun #352 – Inarizushi Bears

Went to the Korean mart a while back and bought some aburage (prepared tofu-pockets) to make inarizushi. Darrius loves it very much but Glennie don’t quite like it but here, mommy will make everyone try eating everything! πŸ˜›



These are pretty easy to make and extremely speedy. Just use the oval cutter to cut the cheeses, whole for the muffles and cut half for the ears.



Bento Fun #348 – Happy Garden Bento

I have quite a few bento posts lined up but really have no time to post them. I am trying my very best to get all the photos processed but it has been tough to get time to sit in front of the PC. Baby just won’t let me sit down in peace. When she naps, I will have to quickly finish up the never ending list of house work.

Here is a bento I made for Darrius 2 weeks back. He has Footy practice every Wednesday this term…





Both pear onigiri mixed with some furikake have meat floss and mayo filling. Β There is a tamagoyaki, a chicken nugget, broccoli, strawberry and cherry tomato. A chocolate Moo box and a LCM complete the meal. He had a heavy breakfast so I did not pack that much for him.


Bento Fun #343 – Meat floss rolls with Teriyaki chicken

I have wanted to make a kyaraben for Darrius but I woke up late and thus ran out of time after preparing the ingredients so just packed all the food into the bento box with no deco. It is not easy to get all the kids ready on time!





There are some meat floss rolls with a teriyaki chicken stick. Added some yellow cherry tomatoes to fill up the box. On the side there are some mixed grapes and a Fredo treat πŸ™‚

Bento Fun #340 – Tamago & Pork Floss Rice Rolls

Darrius just started Term 4 earlier this month. I must admit that I hardly pack him any fancy bento these days as I really do not have the time. Baby has not been cooperating as she wakes up earlier than everyone else! Therefore, I can’t have the peace to make anything fancy.

I think I made this before the school holidays…



It was a simple tamagoyaki with prok floss rolls. I seasoned the rice with some furikaki for the added taste. Tossed in some strawberries and other goodies into his lunch bags and pronto! πŸ™‚

These days are all speedy bento to the rescue!

Bento Fun #338 – Simple Sushi Rolls

I do still pack lunch boxes every school days but has not been taking photos as they are not photo worthy… because I just chuck everything into the lunch bag with no deco what so ever πŸ˜›

I made this bento for Darrius and he came back telling me to not pack his lunch in fancy lunch boxes any more as his classmates will disturb him!



Guess this marks the end of my bento journey for my boy… as much as I wanted him to grow up but deep down he is still my baby πŸ™‚ Well, maybe I will pack him more adult types of bento…

Well, I am looking forward to pack for my girl who will be in kinder next year πŸ™‚